Grover Huffman Speaker Cables

Hello all...  I have been using some Grover Huffman SX+ speaker cables for 6 months and absolutely love them.  I may want to move up the line but my question is... does anyone understand the line and what the differences are?  SX, SX+, EX, ZX, Empress etc.

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Contact the manufacturer and ask them. I'm sure they know better than anyone else.
Grover either answers the phone or calls back within a day or so. Good guy. Straight shooter. 
Sorry, but the Grover Huffman SX+ speaker cables is a poor #14.
What thickness do you need?
(tell me the length and your amplifier’s DF (Damping Factor) and I’ll calculate it for you).
All other sayings of Grover Huffman are none relevant: Skin effect, magnetics etc’.
They all come to market his stuff, as he has no idea what he is doing.

here's an email I recently received regarding my speaker cables

" Floored by these speaker cables. I had no idea that speaker cables would have such a strong influence on the sound. I assumed the SUT to pre would be the biggest change, but I’m not sure.
Maybe old speaker cables (audioquest Aspen) just sucked?!
Anyway, you are a talent. And I’m grateful.

Come on b4icu let's compete what are your cables? Let's listen to them. 
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“”””Groverh, please share your answer to the original question if possible. Thanks””””
I just bought a pair of 6ft SX cables to and compared them to what I previously had in the system 1.5ft CARDAS Cross/SPK Bi-Wire. 
In my system the SE sound better than the Cardas. The build quality is great and the price is very accessible for a high end cable. 

As I respect b4icu opinion on the calculation I do not respect the comment on the builder not knowing what he is doing. I just find it ignorant. 
I just ordered a full loom of Grover's cables.  He feels pretty strongly that he makes a good product since he'll take them back with no questions asked for a full refund.  In that case the only opinion that matters is mine.

BTW I believe power cables are snake oil.  Grover shipped me a Pharaoh version of his and I plugged it into my Don Sachs preamp.  The impact was immediate and completely recognizable.  I was prepared to ship it right back to him but I think it's a keeper.
This thread is asleep for a while. I have the Pharaoh power cable 20A,
going from a Puritan PSM-156 to a Datasat RA-2400.
That’s an 800Watt output power amplifier, the Pharaoh PC is very well made, and it sounds fantastic in my system.

Evidently, he does know exactly what he’s doing.
Yep I ended up updating my Interconnects and Speaker cables to the Pharaoh and love them.  I haven't got to the power cables YET.
Grover may not know what he is doing and market well, however, his Pharoah speaker cables are superb.  Really big soundstage with excellent instrument separation and spatial cues.  These are unquestionably the best speaker cables I have had in any of my systems in about 4 decades of my audiophile sickness.  Can't say they are the best out there cause there are many cables that I have never heard.  However, they convey the heart and soul of my music with tremendous clarity and tonality.
Anyone running with these:

The New Empress Speaker Cable The Ultimate
Single speaker cable, $75 per foot pair. Bi-wire speaker cable, $115 per foot quad pair.

Any considerations ?
b4icu, you are wrong with your claim Grover "has no idea what he is doing" can you build custom ribbon cables out of copper, silver and aluminum?

i bought some used Grover ZX plus balanced interconnects for a second system just to try after reading good reviews over a ten year period. Saw a good deal on them so gave them a shot. 

I did did not expect to like them more than Acoustic Zen silver ref 2 or Audience au24 se but I did. The Grover's are now in my main system and some of the AZ and Audience are in another room. If your system is bright they may not be for you. Neutral or warm systems is a great match. After enjoying his interconnects I gave him a call and bought some power cables. So claiming he does not know what he is doing is just plain out wrong!