Grover Huffman power cables???

Anyone tried Grover Huffman power cables? If so, what were your impressions and comparisons? I was thinking of a new PC for my Pass Labs Aleph P preamp.
When I saw that Grover was making a power cord I had to give it a try. I'm using a Modwright LS36.5 preamp, but at the moment can't afford the additional cost or hassle of a second box for its add-on external power supply. With the beefier power supply out of the picture, I was thinking that maybe the Grover power cord could improve the power and take the performance of the LS36.5 up a notch.

After the obligatory burn-in period on a different system, I swapped in the Grover PC and heard improvements in (1) bass response (stronger transients), (2) definition (voices already fantastic with the LS36.5, but now instruments popped out with greater definition), and (3) speed (the whole system is more dynamic and fun to listen to).

I don't know how power cords make a difference, but for some reason they do even with my dedicated lines and running springs power conditioner. I have made some comparisons between the Grover, Audience Powerchord, TG Audio 688, and Wasatch Cable Works (split off from Kimber Kable).

I love the Audience on CD players as it significantly broadens the soundstage and improves definition, but on the LS36.5 it made everything sound etched and less musical. The TG Audio gives extra zip to power amps, but didn't have much impact on the preamp. The Wasatch Cable PC is very good on the preamp offering up a very balanced sound, but by far the Grover is my favorite on the preamp because of the extra life it breathes into the system.

So, I'd say the Grover PC is a winner and recommend giving it a try. The power cord itself is easy to work with, not stiff, but not a noodle either. And it is terminated with some very nice Furutech ends.
Well, I got a demo PC from Grover and compared it to a Virtual Dynamics David and a Shunyata Black Mamba on a BAT VK-D5SE CD Player.

The results were quit surprising for me. I had always thought Shunyata were prefered cords on digital front ends, but the Black Mamba was no match at all for the VD or the Grover. Both offered MUCH improved clarity throughout, from top to bottom. Significantly improving everything, especially voices.

The VD offered a bit more dynamic oomph and extended the bottom end a bit more. For example, drums sounded a bit more realistic. But, it also darkened the mids a bit more than I feel is real.

The Grover offered a clearer topend and mid. Gave an impressive increase to the sound stage, air around the instruments, and 3D imaging. Cymbals are sparkling crisp and voices are truly clear and realistic. The bottom is clear and focused, not as dynamic as the VD but does not color the sound the way the VD did either.

The Grover Huffman PC is a real winner and when compared to the cost of other PC's is an absolute steal!!!

Thus, I'm keeping the Grover demo and ordered a second PC from him.

Highly recommended for digital frontend.

Once I get the second, I will do a comparison on my pre.