Grover Huffman power cable

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Well, I got a demo PC from Grover and compared it to a Virtual Dynamics David and a Shunyata Black Mamba on a BAT VK-D5SE CD Player.

The results were quit surprising for me. I had always thought Shunyata were prefered cords on digital front ends, but the Black Mamba was no match at all for the VD or the Grover. Both offered MUCH improved clarity throughout, from top to bottom. Significantly improving everything, especially voices.

The VD offered a bit more dynamic oomph and extended the bottom end a bit more. For example, drums sounded a bit more realistic. But, it also darkened the mids a bit more than I feel is real.

The Grover offered a clearer topend and mid. Gave an impressive increase to the sound stage, air around the instruments, and 3D imaging. Cymbals are sparkling crisp and voices are truly clear and realistic. The bottom is clear and focused, not as dynamic as the VD but does not color the sound the way the VD did either.

The Grover Huffman PC is a real winner and when compared to the cost of other PC's is an absolute steal!!!

Thus, I'm keeping the Grover demo and ordered a second PC from him.

Highly recommended for digital frontend.

Once I get the second, I will do a comparison on my pre
Schipo- If you can't hear any difference using various power cords then enjoy what you have. But you might want to allow for the possibility that some people hear differently than you. I am one of those people and I can clearly hear the impact some cords have- for better or worse.

I hope the poster enjoys his music a little more with the new cord.
Did you compare these to the stock power cord? I am curious how the various cords differ from the original.
Danlib1 - your comments make no sense to me - did you mean to post to a different thread?

As you can read in my review, I found the Grover Huffman power cable to be clearly more musical than what I was comparing it to.

Rrog - I did not eval the Grover against factory generic cords. But, I have done this in the past, back when I started buying aftermarket power cords and I found the aftermarkets to be generally more musical. I not saying that you need to spend a zillion dollars, but cords to make a difference sonically. More on the source side than on the amp side, in my experience.
Grateful- Right after this thread posted, Schipo posted a comment about you falling victim to the placebo affect. I immediately posted a response, and at nearly the same time Schipo deleted his comments. That in turn left my post waving in the wind. Sorry for the confusion.
has anyone compared grover to lessloss? i'm in a process of auditioning and getting a power cord for my cdp. cheers.
Mojo Audio power cords replaced my Lessloss cords. Lessloss replaced VD and Grover cords. It wasn't even a contest how much nicer the Mojo Audio cords were for the same or less money.
Virtual Dynamics David doesn't stand a chance against Gover's. It's not till you get into the Master LE or Genesis that their is some form of competition, even then Grovers may still be competitive depending on your preferences. Lets not forget about the price difference though, you can do the math.