Grover Huffman GH RCA ZX+ cables vs...

At the $200/pair price point new or used, how does GH ZX+ cables compare to others like Greg Straley Reality cables, Gabriel gold (GG) revelation/raptures and alike...

I am looking for a cable that is neutral, and does not act as a filter in any way to highlight a certain portion of the music. From top to bottom it must allow the source material to come through..
Sabai, Just give it up! You are relentless, I can't believe you are still carrying on, we get it, you have a grudge and your opinions are biased as such.

These experienced ears (and many others in this thread) are happy to report that Huffman cables sound great! Case closed.

You cannot believe I am still "carrying on"? What's to believe? I am simply "carrying on" the conversation from a while back where I promised to provide the evidence I was referring to. I don't believe it is astonishing that I am following through on my promise -- although I did get sidetracking by business matters. It might be astonishing if I did not.

Please note that this matter has nothing to do with my opinions. It has to do with Grover Huffman "co-opting" my idea for his cables. The facts are clear. That's what he did. I do not believe that pointing out a few simple facts is cause for consternation. This is an audio forum -- not an audio grand jury.

Now, regarding my opinions about Grover Huffman cables, I have stated in the past that, IMO, they are good value for the money -- but no more than that. And this applies equally to many other cables I have had in my system over the years -- from Synergistic Research, Cardas, Kemper, ASI Liveline, Gabriel Gold, Pangea and HiDiamond, among others. I do not dispute that Grover Huffman cables sound good in your system and in the systems of many others. They are a good match for many systems. But, in my system, they do not come anywhere near the cables I am now using from Shunyata that offer the best bang for the audio buck I have ever heard. I paid less than $1000 for each cable so we are not talking some stratospheric price.

IMO, there is no case to close because there is no "case". There are simply different strokes for different folks.
Hi Sabai,
I tried and owned HiDiamond P4, Shunyata Alpha Digital, Alpha HC, Sigma HC, High Fidelity CT-1, etc. None trounces others with the way you're suggesting here - night and day differences and the inferior one is trash material. Each have their own strengths and weaknesses and depending on the component you put them on, the characteristics may differ as well. At this price point for the cables mentioned above - higher than entry level by a couple of folds but may be a step or two below reference level - they are all good performers in their own right. Some maybe better than others on more parameters but it rarely comes without a weakness, at least IME. I prefer CT-1 over Sigma HC in my main system, but on my second system, even Alpha HC or Hidiamond P4 brings out equal level of satisfaction that I get with CT-1. It is almost always about system synergy and power cables are one of the hardest to do comparison in this hobby and for you to discredit a lot of cables manufacturers like the way you do is very disrespectful and TBH not really doing yourself a good favor either (although I do agree that there are as many shrill cable manufacturers as there are genuine ones).
NOTE: I did try Grover power cables, ICs and speaker cables a long time ago (cannot remember the model), I felt they were good for the price, but I had moved on from them for a reason I do not remember. If given a chance, I'd like to try the latest. But I'm not like you. As much as I know cables are important, I am a believer (also IME) in that once you address your system to a certain level of cabling, spending more on component change still gives bigger performance leap than spending more on cables.

I agree with you. It is all about system synergy. But, IMO, cables choices can be as critical as component choices in the overall picture. It depends on the system and the component. Also, room treatments can be very important in the overall picture. IMO, it all adds up to system dependence.

Different strokes for different folks.
I ignored Sabai (on this forum issue) and bought Grover's interconnects and speaker cables, and he advised me to use some silver wire jumpers rather than biwire my 2-way speakers, which he made for a very reasonable price. They are all broken in now and sound great. I really like the clarity and directness of his cables, compared to my form MIT Tube Terminator loom. Grover's advice and professionalism were excellent. Highly recommended.