grover huffman cables

Does anyone have info regarding these cables, Are they silver copper any listening experience with them. thanks for any help
Hi -

I recently got a set of his IC's with his base RCA connectors and while they are not completely burned in I like them enough to keep them. I have them between my AES preamp and a Sophia Baby Electric which I use with my AKG 1000 headphones. NOS tubes all around and the Stefan Arts cable on the AKGs. They replaced a pair of Audiodyne silver ICs with big WBT locking connectors.

I bought them after reading the links Matty pointed you to and some others, where a couple of respected voices stood out.

Needless to say this is a pretty revealing place to listen to cables. The big thing I noticed is that the music became more coherent - with the Audiodynes you tend to focus on the parts, with the Huffmans (Groovers?) you heard the music as a whole. Comparable levels of detail and black. Nothing too dramatic beyond the coherence (after 40-50 hours) because the Audiodynes are very good cables in their own right.

Grover is a kick to deal with, add to that a money back guarantee and some very reasonable prices and its tough to go wrong

Old thread but the current Grover Huffman cables are copper, silver and aluminum.
What the aluminum does in there I don't know. The price of admission is very reasonable so I might give the ICs a try.
the aluminum came about when grover listened to some jps labs cables which use an aluminum alloy in there cables and he liked what he heard.

One additional bonus item to shout about. Grover is a great person to deal with. He replaced a broken speaker cable pin connector by sending me the newer version of the same cable!

I was jolted by the experience.