Grover Huffhman Sx

Anyone else using them? Would you offer me your impressions so that I might also have some others to judge against? I now have approx. 77 hrs. on mine and they continue to impress me, I know they will continue to open up more but thru this stage in changes they are amazing with the differences that I'm hearing when I listen to music that I that I am so intimately farmiliar with but, now hear nuances, textures, even better layering that had been hidden or masked before that now I do hear, for ex. I was listening to "White Witch" and the difference in tonal body, bass extention, decay and performance width & depth far surpassed anything I've heard prior on this CD. Yes, I do know this personally subjective from my listening judgement but, then again my ears don't throw a blanket over notes or vocal shadings that I hadn't heard before either. Grover's cables (I also use his "Silver Ribbon" speaker cables) have been one of the most cost effective and rewarding upgrades I've made with my system and no, I have no affliation or connection to Grover in any way other than being very satisifed with his commitment to offering great affordable products. That being said I look forward to the impression of others comparing my base line.
I am using Grover "S" interconnects, and his latest speaker cables, mine in a tri-wire configuration. After having tried many more expensive cables w/variety of gear, I also continuously impressed with Grover Huffman's products and his service. He is really delivering great value. Cheers,

I still use his interconnects and speaker cables as well. Depends on the configuration of my system. Great value in my opinion.
After comparing the two, I replaced my 5 meter Acoustic Zen Ref II interconnects with a 5 meter pair of Grover S XLR's...this was one of my rare easy decisions in making cable changes. I was not prepared for a cable costing several hundred dollars besting a very good-sounding cable that cost me several thousand dollars...the improvements were not subtle, especially in dimensionality, soundstaging, and transparency.
I have been using Grover's cables for a couple of years now -- more recently upgrading to the Sx line. Absolutely Amazing cables -- when I originally switched, the Grover's EASILY beat out a set of pure silver cables costing over 10X's what the Grover's cost -- I could have cried (sound was that good & the money I had wasted...). I'm now using his power cables for my digital front end also. Grover has awesome service too.

I think it boils down to this; we are really lucky he doesn't do the fancy name & marketing BS - cause he could easily sell these cables for ten times what he giving-em to us for -- Thank you, Grover, a real gentleman & scholar!!!

I also am a witness to Grover's IC and Speaker cables. For my system, they serve up transparency in spades. If your source is harsh or sterile, you will hear it.

Its magical once you dial in your system. Tremendous bang for he buck.
Made a purchase today! I am hoping to get rid of some grit in the upper mids, and highs. I was using MAC Palladiums, bought a tube amp and the Mac Palladiums are no good since they are unshielded. So now I have Blue Jean cable in since its shielded making the sound flat and brittle/etched sounding.
Fingers crossed!
Now have approx. 90 hrs. on my Sx Balanced cables and they started to flesh out after only 15 hrs! Now as I continue the sound is bigger, wider and deeper that any previous cable I have had in my system. RC Audio was my former reference with a large and deep presentation but now, using Grover's Silver Ribbons (speaker cables) and his balanced Sx IC there is more than just a subjective difference in the way my rig sounds now it just plain sounds even better and just continues to improve each time I listen to it. I also am in total agreement with everyone that has also posted, truely one of the most cost effective upgrades I could have done and (IMHO) an astounding difference and it took something special to replace my former reference cables as well. I hope Grover never stops.
Any more on these?
Has anyone tried the phono cable?
I actually ordered a pair of the phono cables last saturday-talk about service. I ordered them on saturday and i received them monday-still not sure how this happened given Grover is in california and I am in tennessee, but I was grateful to receive them so quickly.

I resisted the temptation to immediately put them into my phono system and instead, broke them in for 100 on a break-in cd that I have. I gave a listen to them for the first time last night-I was blown away by how much difference a good phono cable can make. I have a Townshend Rock Mk III turntable with a modified Rega RB300 arm and Benz Glider cartridge. Amplification is with a Art Audio Jota amplifier and a phono amplifier designed by one of the Art Audio engineers-all tube-the Grover Huffman phono cable is a nice match for my system-it is the best that I have heard with my phono system-extremely quiet with great soundstaging. I particularly appreciate the articulation in the midrange with this setup, but there is also good depth to the bass and airness to the treble. This is a very well designed phono cable which I can recommend to anyone.
Are these cables bright or lean? Some earlier versions of Grover Huffman's cables seemed to have that reputation. Also, when I read the oft-repeated statement "if the recording is lousy, your system will sound lousy too", I get nervous. There are limits to fidelity, and I don't want to endure a headache because the recording engineer was incompetent. Finally, how do his cables compare with some of the really well-regarded cables that have a following here on Audiogon, like Gabriel Gold, KCI, and Synergistic Research?
I've now got almost 100 hrs. on the new Sx series IC and they are continually getting nothing but better! They have continued to flesh out and are expanding even further in staging presentation and depth. In my rig they are not bright or lean just great to listen to. There is absolutely no ear or listening fatigue, but if a recording IS raw, brittle, etched or badly recorded these WILL NOT HIDE ANYTHING and yes, some recordigs are tuff to listen to even though I like(d) the music. It is subjectivily my opinion that these have great synergy in my rig and I have not bothered listening to much higher priced cables purposely but I would say (IMO) that they would certinaly compete if not tromp other highly touted brands and you'll save a ton of cash in doing so. I don't know how Grover does it but I'm sure glad he does. A great bargin and investment for excellent listening!
Mine should be arriving any day!


Gabriel cable is excellent but did not own the Gold version. If you like music to sound rounded, warm, and involving, Gabriel is a no brainer.

The KCI is also an excellent cable. If you like music to have the same warmth but more speed and pace, its a no brainer.

If you want a little of both signatures, go with Grover H. It can be warm, fast, dynamic and bright sometimes. Hey, why hide what the engineer did on the recording.

Synergistic Research I have never owned. In nutshell, if you want some of the traits but don't want to spend the cash, go with Grover's IC.

None of these cables should give you a headache.

Got it then get it.
I gave Grover's IC a try a number of years ago and was impressed, though less than thrilled. How does one go about acquiring his latest/greatest creations???
In my best Emily Litella voice: "Nevermind."

Found his site.
I think I will try some of his interconnects ESPECIALLY if they call a spade a spade.

Poorly recorded music should be reproduced as poorly recorded music, not sugar coated.
If you like cables that colour the sound and bring everything down to thier level of resolution, how can you ever appreciate the quality recordings?

If you can't tell quality recordings from poor ones, then what's the point?
If you need balanced, I have an extra pair I could sell you. Also, selling a set of Grover's speaker cables for bi-wire or tri-wire speakers(ad here on Agon). They are really great for the price. I haven't heard anything as good at near the price. Cheers,

Grover Huffman's cables are the most underrated cables -- at any price -- that I have ever heard.
Lacee, Have no fear if it's recorded poorly that's just what you're going to hear and have I found that as I've revisted some of my collection when I listen. Grover's cables don't "tune" they are very netural.
Unfortunately I need RCA connections,and about 5m from source to the Lightspeed.Then only about 1.5 from it to the amps.

At the moment I am using 5m Art Audio cables with upgraded(but not fancy) RCA ends, and 1.5 Nordost Heimdal to the amps.

I have been contemplating either replacing the RCA on the Audio Art cables to the carbon Furtech and keeping the Nordost in the link or going all the way with the Grovers.

The Audio Art cables sound improved when I replaced the stock connectors and I've had great success with all the Furtech parts I used in the past so I was leaning in this direction.

It's great to hear that the Grovers are "neutral" or at least not as coloured as some other cables can be.

My question would then be if the Grovers are more neutral than the Audio Art cables? Anyone compared the two?