Grover EX+'s

Well I have to say.. Grover really out-did himself with his new EX+ series cables, Never have I heard a cable do so many things so right.
I've always had a set of Grovers on hand for the past 10 years but nothing compares to Grover's new EX+'s. In the past his upgrades have been more different than better, now don't get me wrong there have always been advances model to model but never such a drastic improvement as these EX+'s. Everything is so well weighted, Not a harsh note to be heard, incredible low-end separation, mind blowing sound sage, and surgically precise imaging... it's just a dream come true for me. THESE CABLES ARE THE MOST TECHNICAL, BEST SOUNDING INTERCONNECTS I HAVE EVER HEARD (period)....
I had no idea I was missing out on so much information, I never really considered rear staging and imaging before, but now that it's here I don't ever want it to go. The sound wraps around you with such precision and accuracy, and The low-end finds its own place in this stage and is segregated, fast, and with such presence (never overwhelming)... just there.
I'd rather not go on a rant describing every single aspect of this cable but if you would like my impressions on certain aspects feel free to ask.
At his prices I CHALLENGE you to find a better cable... I cannot express to you enough how much you need to hear these cables. Let curiosity get the best of you, even with no intention of keeping them GIVE THEM A TRY. If they're not everything you hoped they would be just return them. He has a no-risk 60 day trial. This guy is defiantly not in it to make a profit or even a living off this, It's obvious he's in it for the love of the game.
EX, huh? Looks like a new model. I run a pair of ZX+s from my phono stage direct to a pair of active monitors. I really like my ZXs.
Matt where are you using these particular ICs on; CD to Pre, between amp/pre etc.?
Hey Tubehead21
My entire system is wired Grover. My 3 power cables are ZX+'s. These EX+'s are similar to the ZX+'s but (simply put) better in every aspect.