Group buy/share spools Belden wire 4 PCs

I am in another forum that often does "group buys" of stuff that's either hard to get or can be had at a BIG discount in bulk. I have read the things on "make your own power cords" and wonder if any have purchased spools of the 'special' # Belden wires recommended for home built cables?? and if they want to sell some of the remainder? or if others want to do some sort of group purchase? of spools? (and is this "ok" with the webmaster? as all of the sales I've seen are of commercial products and really no trading sort of stuff).
Also of the plugs? I've seen and ordered some of the Wattgate 320, but on a regular USA 3 prong that's a medium quality??? can't find.
The gold plated ones yes for $88... too expensive for me, but the usual $5 to $9 stuff is too cheap! Any sites to order some good plugs around $20 to $30?? with individual screwdown openings like on the Wattgate 320 IEC but for a regular grounded plug? And If anyone knows any sites to order the various Belden wires either in bulk or by the foot Please mention them! Thanks
I have not had time to do so in a long while, but Texas Instruments is just north of me, and they have a surplus department, where items are for sale. A few years ago, I found a roll of Belden 5881 precision video cable, that was basically untouched ( plastic wrap still on it ). The roll was 1000 feet, and sold by the POUND! I think the total was about $38.00. That same cable, made up in one meter lengths, with decent RCA plugs, would sell for a retail price of over $7000.00 if the seller ask only $24.95 for the completed product. I agree Elizabeth, it would be nice if this could work. First we have to see if there are objections with the folks at Audiogon. Obviously, they would have to be held harmless in any transactions, as they have no control over the way people would conduct themselves in such a venture.
Just do a search for Volex and their distributors and buy a Volex 17604 cable (comes already terminated-about 6 or 7 feet long). This IS the Belden 19364 cable which is typically only available in huge, bulk amounts. I paid $11 Canadian each for a couple of Volex 17604's and then cut both ends off and terminated with decent connections. Total cost under $30 Canadian or about $20 U.S.
Elizabeth: I did the same as Hdm and have the receipt from Newark Electronics in front of me. The IEC was from Hubbell, I think, #4300.0603- $12 Cdn. The plug was Pass&Seymour hospital grade 5266 - XHG - $25 Cdn. Belden Cord was 17605 -C3-10 -$27 Cdn (with enough to build 2 five foot cords). If you order from Newark make sure you specify that they ship the order all together or you pay seperate shipping if they have it in another warehouse. Assembly was easy, green is ground. I share this because I am not a DIYer. A friend of mine who is into this thinks the plug and IEC would really make a length of Audioquest wire give the big guys a run for their money. Have fun! I did.
A word of caution: unless you know what you are doing don't
play around with making AC cords. You can seriously damage you equipment, risk electrical shock, start a fire etc.
Megasam is correct. Be very careful in assembling , the plug box has instructions on just how much wiring needs to be stripped and make sure that nothing is touching anything it shouldn't. Everything should be tight and secure. Before plugging it into my cherished equipment I ran it on something less dear and monitored it for a while. BTW the IEC was Schurter.
elizabeth: great idea, notwithstanding the equally great info on canadian ic's. (and who said "blame it on canada"?) if anyone wants to put together a deal, i'll draft whatever legal docs. may be necessary, gratis. -kelly
I'd like to do the same for balanced IC's, I run a long length (25') between preamp and amp.
I build and sell these. Bob Crump put out the original design. I have to say it is the best dollar you can spend to improve your system. I know that is a lot to say but I havn't seen a system that they don't make a worthwhile improvement in. There are a few tricks to building them correctly. Not as easy as just clamping things together. As far as IECs I use the Schurter because it has MUCH more contact area than the Hubbel or others I've seen. Much of the improvement that these make in a system have to do more with the connectors than the cable itself. The AC end is a Pass & Seymour 5266-X . I also solder all connections in addition to clamping them. Use Wonder Ultraclear and Q-Dope to cover any exposed copper preventing oxidation. Some shrink wrap really makes them look professional and cleans up the ends nicely.