Groundwire floating in the breeze

So I bought a pair of interconnects for my turntable rig. Ones with an exposed ground wire. Turns out, attaching the ground wire causes more hum than not attaching. So the ground wire is not connected to anything, and is floating in the breeze, so to speak. Do you think the ground wire floating in the breeze is picking up any RF or other interference? Would I be better off using a pair of interconnects with no exposed ground wire?
It would be better for you to tell us what i/c cable you are speaking of?, to be able to help! cheers!
Well if the wires have only one end of a ground wire, then i suspect is is connected to the shell of an RCA at the other end?
If so are you conencting the ground wire to the TURNTABLE? or the preamp?
Certainly makes a difference.
If the wire is only at one end, THAT should be connected to the metal parts of turntable chassis
If both ends of the groundwire are available.. then ignore my post.
I have a grounding wire from my TT interconnects and one from mt TT itself and was told to only us them if there was noise. I have no noise issue so they both just hang in the air.
who is tt?