Grounding question and static pops too

Hello gang,

New ( to me ) VPI Aries MK I w. JMW 10 arm. Running a Dynavector D-17 MK II cart. and Dyna P75 MK I phono pre. Using shielded RCAs from the Arm box to the P-75. Using a copper ground line from the arm box to the P-75. Almost no hum until I touch the arm, VTA adjuster, arm box etc. Basically if I tiuch anything metal a slight hum comes from the speakers. I lifted the ground on the motor and no change. I then ran a copper ground line from the arm box ground lug to the outer sleeve of one of the RCAs and bingo! NO hum at all. Even the barely audible hum that was present before I would touch the metal parts of the arm is now gone.
Great news right! The odd thing is if I touch ANY metal on the arm, platter, motor, spindle etc. and there is ANY static on my body, then the static arc makes a loud POP in the speakers. WTH?
Basically my questions are :

1. Have I compromised the sound in ANY way by connecting the ground lug on the arm box to an RCA ground?

2. How in the heck does the static spark "pop" get into the system if it is grounded? Should that energy not run to ground?

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That static electricity charge buildup in yourself is getting grounded to the RCA's now. When a static charge like that does get grounded, you will get some noise, when done on your system. You could discharge yourself touching some other metal first, to eliminate the pop. I doubt you compromised the sound.You could see if there is a ground screw on the preamp to ground it to also, and see if it does better.

I had the same issue with my HW 19 MKIV. Even though the box where the IC's plug into the tone arm was grounded I still got static pops. It got so bad that static built up when I was playing a record and a loud pop would come through the speakers on an intermittent basis. It must be that as the platter spins a static charge is being built up in the TT. Perhaps it has to do with the stainless steel plinth which is below the acrylic top of the unit.

At any rate, I finally solved the problem after several talks with VPI by running a grounding wire from the bottom of the TT. I attached it with a piece of electrical tape to the metal housing on the platter bearing. I then ran the other end to ground on the preamp where the other wire from the tone arm IC box was also connected.

This solved all of my problems. I hope that it might solve yours!


I had the exact same problem with a Dynavector XVis that was used with a SME tonearm and Sota turntable. I think the problem is the Dynavector. I was never able to resolve the problem until I replaced the cartridge.