Grounding cable gauge size

For those of you using external grounding source devices, units such as Entreq, Nordost, Synergistic, etc. What size wire gauge seems to work the best?



The reason I recommended the magnet mat at the bottom of the ingredients is to simulate the earth's natural magnetic pull.

There is already a magnetic field associated with the Earth..

What does the field do to help? How does that work?

Within my DIY ground box, I also add many other ores that possess metallic properties. My theory is that the magnetic mat will add the gravitational pull.

It is just my idea, it may or may not provide additional benefits, that’s why I suggested adding it to the exterior bottom of the box.


What is the gravitational pull on an electron?

And magnets are not currently known to affect gravity.

Some of the crystals might be dielectrics like the quartz,
And I could imagine foil sheets with dielectrics starting to look like a capacitor tied to the ground… But it would be floating.