Grounding cable gauge size

For those of you using external grounding source devices, units such as Entreq, Nordost, Synergistic, etc. What size wire gauge seems to work the best?



That’s what I think. Do you think 16-gauge silver to be ok?

Of course! Like I said, if the wire really has to take any current you have much bigger fish to fry due to some sort of Bad Thing going on with a component or AC outlet miswired. When things are set up properly the wire will see no current at all.

Now I feel compelled to mention that if all the equipment has a proper grounding scheme and your home wiring meets electrical code there will be no benefit whatsoever from any external grounding systems. But its a sad fact that many ’high end audio’ components have poor grounding (or none at all).

I agree with the cost being outrageous. I wish some "rich guy" would take one apart and reveal the insides.

Surprising though, the grounding boxes do work well. I use it with my Lumin X1 and with my JL Audio CR-1 crossover. I have a separate DIY box on my Amps and other smaller DIY versions on my speakers. This seems to be the best configuration.

Funny though, grounding the amps and/or subwoofers together with the other equipment degrades the sound quality giving it sort of a congested sound.

I am only talking about signal ground. That is; from the grounding of a rca or spade input/output. Not AC or chassis grounding.


I compared the AWG effect in my system with the silver wires of VH Audio and Duelund (SR SX ground). The more subtle worked better.

I'm expecting today some 16 ga .999 silver wire that I ordered thru Amazon to try.

BTW, drpie,which wire is the more subtle?


Just connected up the new .999 16 ga silver wire. I used no connectors. Made a loop at one end to go over the outside of an unused RCA and then used an RCA cap to keep it in place. At the other end into the Entreq I made the wire end into an arrow shape that then went inside the banana terminal.

Thus far, I think I hit the right gauge/wire.

What this type of grounding does is it creates a more solid stable image. Delicate nuances that once were buried in the music become more apparent.