Grounding blocks, boxes and cables, what are you using?

I thought it would be good to start a thread where we can review, discuss and compare the various options out there (including DIY) for dealing with ground noise. 

I recently added two GutWire Ultimate Ground Cables to my system. One is connected to an unused RCA input on my passive autoformer pre, and the other to the unused SPDIF output on my CD transport. I am very pleased with the results, and think they are a great value for the money. They have convinced me that dealing with ground noise is an essential part of getting the very best out of your system. So what's your solution?

@tommylion  After reading your posts about the Gutwire Ground cables, I became very interested in the concept.  I built a couple of my own simple cables using Neutrik XLR connectors (only pin 1 of course), NOS WE 10ga wire, and some AC plugs I had laying around the parts bin.  I put one on an unused output on my DAC, which is powered by an SLA battery, and one on an unused input on my preamp.  The results were completely positive - improved soundstage in dimensionality and focus, tighter bass, and a cleaner midrange. 

I also have three dedicated 20 amp lines coming into my family room for my system, for which I use isolated grounding for the three circuits, grounded on the opposite side of the house from the electrical panel.

I agree with you 100%, grounding is very important!
I'm very convinced of the importance of some sort of grounding solution for your system.

I current use two Synergistic Research Active Ground Block SE (one for sources, the other for power amps) with SR HD leads and custom Verastarr leads to ground my stands (yes, grounding metal/carbon fiber stands makes an audible difference)

I also use an Akiko Phono Booster for my step up -- for a variety of reasons it can be helpful to have a separate ground for phono -- I just had Mike at Verastarr make me a custom lead for that which I have yet to try

Full description and discussion is here
The Ground Control units from Computer Audio Design in the UK, are intriguing. Anyone have any experience with them?

I know this isn't quite the same, but any experience with Granite Audio?

I have  used the Acoustic Revive- RG24 grounding disc , the Synergistic Research original Grounding Block, and now use the Synergistic Research Active Grounding Block. The SR Active is the most effective and most expensive of these devices.

I would not like to listen to music without one of the Synergistic Research devices. They are now installed in 3 different systems that I listen to.

If I was trying my first grounding device, I would look for a product with a 30 day trial policy to see if the cost benefit ratio is worthwhile.

David Pritchard


I used the Granite and it works. It is similar to a new Nordost product.

In the end it required too much fiddling and too many wires for me. Mine is for sale if anyone is interested.
I am using Nordost QKORE6 for the entire system along with QB8 and QX4....couldn’t be any happier with the results.