Grounded vs. ungrounded power cord

I recently purchased an Integra DTC 9.8 processor, and when hooking it up, was surprised to find that it had an ungrounded ac inlet! All of my other equipment uses grounded power cords, and over the years I have acquired a number of mid to high end pc's. This may seem like a silly ?, but can I use one of my nicer grounded cords, instead of the cheap ungrounded cable that Integra supplies? Thanks for the help!
Sure you can.

I have a Sony SCD-XA5400ES and the IEC inlet only has the two pins. I use a TG Audio SLVR power cord with it. I previously used this same cord on a mofified Sony XA777ES which has a ground pin.

This comes up often enough. PS Audio offers(ed) a removable pin PC for just this purpose. An engineer friend runs all of his equipment without grounding plugs. Claims it is much cleaner sounding. Another friend runs his recording studio entirely without grounding pins for the same purpose of cleaner sound.

Last time this came up, several responses addressed fire potential and other dangers of Biblical proportions. Homes were wired for decades WITHOUT 3 pin outlets and all of them did not burn down so it is an interesting question.
Celtic66, beat me to the PS Audio reference. But it raises the question why all cable manufactures can't provide that option in the male plug? I think it is a great idea as in some enviroments removing the ground pin reduces or eliminates hum. Just a thought....but then, most of mine die of loneliness....
I think insurance is the biggest concern. If you DO have an electrical fire your insurance company may decide that your defeating of the safety grounds means they don't need to pay you for your losses, whether or not your actions actually caused the fire.

Guess it all depends on your tolerance for risk. There are safe ground loop breaking circuits published using a low value resistor and a diode bridge that can solve noise problems without defeating the safety ground.
The third terminal is there for personal safety only .