Ground Wire

I am running a new ground wire for my electrical panel. Should it be insulated or uninsulated? What guage copper is recommended?
there have been numerous threads on this topic. suggest you search for them.
Have a look at the following web page, it may help you, regards, Richard at
My sug. : 12 ga stranded.
In response to Avguygeorge's suggestion, I first used 12 gauge unstranded and didn't notice much change, then went to 10 gauge unstranded and got a BIG change. I think most would advise no smaller than 10 gauge, though of course I could be wrong about this. Whether stranded or not, again I'd seek expert opinion. I was told to use unstranded, and it certainly worked for me. I also use an 8' copper-plated brass rod all-but-completely buried in the ground.
Sorry, I didn't read carefully enough. I was installing a third wire ground for my stereo system dedicated line, not regrounding a main panel. Still, similar considerations may apply.
Usr insulated back to the pannel to avoid ground loops.
#8 solid uninsulated copper is frequently found in this application
What benifit would a non insulated wire have over an insulated wire? Wouldnt the insulation help block noise?