Ground voltage!!


I move to a new apartment and all the ground outlets have almost 80 volts of current!! Is this normal? What can I do?

 Thank you very much.




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Sorry for the confusion is 80 volts earth and neutral.


Just a guess your multimeter was set on auto scale and you read 80 mV (millivolts). Not 80 volts.

Look to the right of the measured 80 do you see mV? 80 mV?

While using the multimeter you might want do some measuring. Check for the HOT to neutral contacts AC line voltage at the outlet as well as for the correct Hot/neutral AC polarity

1) Insert one meter test probe in the HOT, small blade slot, and the other in the neutral, larger blade slot. You should measure 120V nominal. (Somewhere around 120V)

2) Check for the correct Hot/neutral AC polarity. Insert one meter test probe in the HOT, small blade slot, and the other test probe in the equipment ground hole contact. Make sure you are making a good connection on both contacts. If polarity is correct you will measure 120V nominal. (This will also tell you have an equipment ground.)


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Seriously, can you plug a typical lamp into that socket without a fail?

And 'hot' is the small slot on the right....unless the socket is for 240vac single phase and ought to be configured for such and looks 'odd'....

I'm not an electrician (got tired of waiting), but can look like one....

Sometimes a corroded neutral wire at the service junction can raise the neutral voltage. But one would see browning out of lights as the high current devices kick in.
The ground does not usually raise up thoiugh.