ground loop with new interconnects?

I know this topic has been discussed, but I'm not finding anything that relates exactly to my issues.

I have a ARC D115mk2 amp, vandersteen 2ce and sub, Klyne pre and a Pro-ject RM 10 turntable.

I noticed a slight hum when I switched the interconnects on my TT -- from cheaper Audioquest astral blues to Klyne dragonflies. I just purchased Nordost red dawns (thinking the interconnects might be the issue) -- It did not solve the problem. The hum gets louder as I increase the volume.

This hum is decreased somewhat when I unplug the power to the sub.

I also switched out the inexpensive monster interconnects from the pre to the amp with another set of red dawns -- now I have a hum that starts after about a minute and is not effected by the volume control.


1. why is the problem only heard with the better interconnects?

2. how can I solve this issue and keep the better sounding interconnects?

I had a similar problem when I recently switched to "better" interconnects. Try repositioning the cables (may have something to do with the cable shielding) and/or turning/spinning the RCA plugs slightly. Solved my problem.
IF turning or spinning your RCA makes a difference, you may want to consider some kind of contact cleaner FOR those connections.
Is the Radio Shackup stuff the same as the botique brands? Read the label!
If the hum goes away using the Audioquest they may have shielding that is blocking AC power noise from getting into the signal. Switch all the original interconnects back.Then try one interconnect at a time. Also don't run any of them parallel with any AC power cords.Crossing at an angle(90 degrees or so)may get by.The hum that starts after a minute
is strange.If the power cords aren't unplugged from the outlet when changing interconnects,sometimes even with the equipment shut off at their power switch,some AC voltage could be on the chassis causing damage to the equipment.I hope this didn't happen.