ground loop HUM please help

I have pre tube amp ( supratek -Cortese) running a pair of Krell mono block FPB-250 . I have a loud hum when the preamp and the amp turn on . The hum goes away only if I used cheater plug for both preamp AND amp but I'm afraid it will damage the amp . Is there any other way to result the problem ?. thank you for any input
Granite Audio makes a device called the Ground Zero that should solve the problem. It's a bit pricey but comes with a 30 day trial.
Do you have cable tv/music as one of your inputs? If so try disconnecting the cable input and see what happens.
The cheater plug will work just fine with no damage to your amp.

I have a Krell MCX 750 driving my Wilson XS sub. A ground loop hum resulted which drove me crazy. I spoke to Patrick Bresnahan at Krell. His advice.....get a cheater plug.
The best formula for avoiding ground loop hum is to only ground one component, for example maybe the preamp. Use cheater plugs on the rest of the components, they are still grounded via the interconnects because they are connected to the preamp that is properly grounded.
Sounds like the problem is ground related. I had the same problem with my Krell KSA 250.

Some suggestions
1. If your Preamp is a 2 prong plug style, plug the Preamp and the Amp into different circuits.

2. If the Preamp is a 3 prong use the cheater on the Preamp only leave the Amp with its 3 Prong in tact. Still try different circuits for each.

3.If your Amp has balanced and RCA input and you are using the RCA make sure that the copper jumpers have been inserted into the Balanced inputs.

4.Most hum comes from Video sources try unplugging any RF or Video inputs to your Preamp to see if the hum disapears.
if you have a cable tv, this may be a cause, as mentioned in the posts above. I had the same problem. To find if the cable tv is the cause of this problem, you need to disconnect the coax cable that runs into your house at it first point of entry, not from the cable box to tv, but before the cable box(if you have a splitter) or disconnect it from the input of the cable box. Unplugging the cable box from the wall will not to a thing. You need to disconnect the coax cable. Then turn on you system and see if you still get hum. If it's gone then you need Mondial Magic Box. Coax cable plugs into this device then second piece of coax cable runs from the Magic Box to the cable box. This thing's about $100 at music direct. Works like magic.
cheater plugs are dangerous. use a mondial or jensen product(search audioholics).
I had the ground loop problem. I did two things that really helped.
1. I moved all the audio equipment to an adjacent wall with not other plug ins.
2. I moved the power cords so they were not touching. I now have a very low hiss which one can only hear if you put your ear to the speaker...
Eagleman6722, unlike hum, hiss is not caused by ground loop problems. As far as I know.