Ground Hum with Rega RP6, Exact and TT PSU.


Just purchased a Rega RP6, Exact, TTPSU and I am getting a HELL of a hum. I am using an Aragon 47K Phone pre amp. I unplugged the wall wart and the cable which goes from the table and it is still there. I seems to get worse when I turn it on and the tonearm gets close to the center of the arm spindle and it picks up a lot of motor noise. Just sold a 28 year old Linn Axis with a Signet Cartridge and never had this issue with just the normal hiss associated as you turn up the volume. It's not noticeable a lower volumes but it is there during quiet passages and it is extremely annoying. The table sounds way better but the noise is very intrusive and honestly I am disappointed after dropping almost $2000. Thanks in advance
Have you made sure of all connections especially the ground wire from turntable to preamp...I know its a dumb reply but the sort of issue your having could mean you have a broken ground wire or related problem.
Hi pivetta- In addition to what Stefani brings up, you might want to try one of the following (or both having been through this recently with a new phono pre and turntable).

I too had a bad hum and what solved it for me was to place the phono pre away from all other equipment and also swapped out my "fancy" silver interconnects with some basic shielded RCA cables.

You should try moving the phono pre first and then maybe a cable swap.  I'd be surprised if these changes don't solve the problem for you.  

I understand that rack placement of the gear may not be ideal, but could make a night and day difference.

Try it out and report back.


It sounds like you have too much gain. If your Aragon has any type gain adjustment, make sure its on the lowest setting. You may end up having to get a different phono cart or phono preamp.

If you know someone who will lend you a MM cart, try it.