Ground Hum

I need some suggestions eliminating ground hum from my VPI Scoutmaster.

Cart is a Shure V15Vmxr (or whatever it's called)
Tone arm is JMW9 with stock wiring
Preamp is Dynavector P75.

I have tried a few different cables ranging from monster cable to cheap stock audio cables you find with most electronics. Makes no difference. If I touch the tone arm wtih my finger, the hum gets louder. If I touch the gold connectors on the back of the turntable the hum goes away. Touching any other parts of the tonearm output block or the preamp causes hum to get louder. Any suggestions?

I have a VPI Scout with the same tonearm with the valhalla wiring. When I first got it I had a terrible hum even with a ground wire hooked to the ground on my preamp when using some nice silver interconnects. I ended up purchasing some shielded silver interconnects and the problem is now gone. My interconnects are custom made by a nice fellow and I contacted him about the hum with the interconnects I got from him and here is what he said/did for me:

"That interconnect (that I had purchased from him) is a replica of Kimber interconnects ( braided) If you send it back to me I will place a copper braid over it ( and recover it with new nylon braid) I will float the braid ( grounded at the turntable side and open at the pre side) that will get rid of the hum."

He re-did my interconnect as he described above and no more hum.

Hope that helps somewhat.