Ground 'box' what's in them?

Anyone have any idea what's going on inside these ground 'boxes' some companies are coming out with?

Examples are the Entreq, Synergistic Research et al.
I haven't tried one which I think is really required to do other than speculate. Speculation can be good and bad. Entreq's basic devices don't deal with AC safety ground. They seem to attempt to rid the system of crap that is present at other ground points like audio ground.

There are many tweaks for that like Bud Purvine's ground loop and the battery ground tweak. Someone talked about what could crystals like tourmaline do in this? This is a passive device and crystals passively remove RFI/EMI by being in proximity of it through absorption the noises energy is piezo electrically transferred to vibration then heat.

So in the end I have no experience with the product and would like to learn more facts not speculation. But I guess w/o facts and actual units to try speculation is all that can be done so I understand.


I encourage you to read the link provided above to Bill Withlock's paper on grounding.

Good Listening

I just read it. I was scared of the 200 plus pages but it was a presentation and was like reading maybe 30 pages. I agree with most of what he said. I don't disagree with any facts he presented.

In the end it was GLI recommendation which was a little disappointing. I used to install commercial audio and video and never needed a GLI and we used mostly unbalanced audio gear.

The video info is quite dated.

I love how he called out Paul McGowan for his liftable ground pin. But he has to do that in his position. He CANNOT recommend lifting grounds

I have lifted all my grounds and use all unshielded cables in my all unbalanced system. I mean unshielded power cords and interconnects.

I have no noise now and only had a little when the two amps I use in a bi-amp and my P-300 were grounded. My sound quality has improved a lot over the last ten years with all the tweaks and the same CJ, Placette, MF Trivista gear I've owned since 2003. Getting rid of my unneeded active preamp helped a lot too as I'm now passive. I also no longer use a cable between transport and DAC that links their signal ground either. I like DAC's that use an isolation transformer on the coaxial digital in.

AC delivery,unshielded interconnects, vibration isolation and room treatments brought my same gear from 2003 to way higher heights.

I'm glad I read it too. I was a bench tech that repaired/calibrated test equipment used by utilities. I always repaired those big ohm meters used to test grounds.


How this ground box works is a puzzlement. Does it really do anything? Well if we read posts from people who actually use it then the answer is yes.
Entreq Silver Tellus grounding/earthing system

Thread: Entreq Tellus grounding

This thing is a separate isolated ground plane. I guess the only thing I could of kind of compare it to is the chassis ground plane of a piece of audio equipment that has double insulated power wiring and does not use the safety equipment ground. But then not really like that at all....

Grounding Myths, Henry W ott
3.1.4 Earth grounds.
It is a myth that connecting equipment to an earth reduces noise and interference.
The ground box is not an earth ground. But is it a ground plane?

It does seem to have the ability to absorb RFI noise.
Not to be confused with Mapleshade's Ground Plane copper ribbon tweak.