Ground 'box' what's in them?

Anyone have any idea what's going on inside these ground 'boxes' some companies are coming out with?

Examples are the Entreq, Synergistic Research et al.
All very confusing. Jea48, you obviously know what you are talking about, I just wish that I did, and how it relates to these boxes.
The boxes conform to the laws of physics, and the laws of the marketplace. What's confusing?
Hey PNB you got a few things wrong. Like on creating a ground loop as you said this thing does. A ground loop is two or more paths to the same ground. So you are wrong on that as this device provides an alternative ground.

This is the kind of stuff that clouds the Internet that people take as verbatim. I'm not saying the product is good or bad, just that the point you tried to make in this instance is wrong.

What are we to think when we read conflicting views on an item? It's like the MSM and politics these days, They have one person on each side of an issue and when the show is over they haven't proved one right or wrong. You just get to choose whatever suits you which is usually the belief you had before hearing the argument.

This is why we all need to try things for ourselves. We also need to find dealers that allow in home demo or have a return policy where you can get your money back. With this we don't need to bother with those that speculate on things w/o even trying them.

I haven't tried one which I think is really required to do other than speculate. Speculation can be good and bad. Entreq's basic devices don't deal with AC safety ground. They seem to attempt to rid the system of crap that is present at other ground points like audio ground.

There are many tweaks for that like Bud Purvine's ground loop and the battery ground tweak. Someone talked about what could crystals like tourmaline do in this? This is a passive device and crystals passively remove RFI/EMI by being in proximity of it through absorption the noises energy is piezo electrically transferred to vibration then heat.

So in the end I have no experience with the product and would like to learn more facts not speculation. But I guess w/o facts and actual units to try speculation is all that can be done so I understand.


I encourage you to read the link provided above to Bill Withlock's paper on grounding.

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