Groovy Picture

In commemoration of the Grammys.

This photo shows a colorized scanning electron microscope image of a phonograph needle in the groove of a vinyl record. The texture inscribed along the walls of the spiral groove replicates the soundwaves as they were recorded.
This is how the modern high-end styli looks like [sic]
Um... those are Lucite mock-ups several inches tall.

Sure, but this is the best i can do with my macro lens with Replicant-100 (which is exactly like F.Gyger). This Replican-100 is pretty impressive on SPU Royal G mkII cart. One of the most complicated profiles in the history. 
This whole video is totally worth watching, but if you can’t wait to see a stylus tracing a groove, fast forward to 4:25.

Electron microscope slow-motion video of vinyl LP:
That is not an actual slow-motion video of a stylus playing a groove.  That was made by stop action photography of static placement of the needle in the groove.  It is an animation.
Yep, as explained in the video.