Groovy Picture

In commemoration of the Grammys.

This photo shows a colorized scanning electron microscope image of a phonograph needle in the groove of a vinyl record. The texture inscribed along the walls of the spiral groove replicates the soundwaves as they were recorded.
Colorized AND photoshopped to the extreme, sorry to say. NO stylus/cantilever glue-joint looks ANYTHING like that. Nor does any stylus — a smooth untextured cone? Nothing common with a real stylus except the general shape. 

Still it makes one wonder, how can it possibly work — yet it does, magnificently.

This is the real deal, without drastic cosmetic surgery:

And this, with all the unglamorized detritus:
This is how the modern high-end styli looks like, they are transparent, this is what we call nude diamonds.

Your linked pictures looks like a steel needles for 78 rpm from your grandpa :)
This is how the modern high-end styli looks like [sic]
Um... those are Lucite mock-ups several inches tall.