groovin organ based soul & jazz

looking for power hammond sound...with soul or jazz flourishes...have found Rueben WIlson, "Groove" holmes, Herbie Hancock....any other organ/keyboard monsters come to mind..good recording quality a plus...lets organize people!
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Joey DiFrancesco is cool. Most recent release is "Ballads and Blues" with Pat Martino and Gary Bartz. Of course Jimmy Smith is "da boss"--just about anything he does for the past 40 yrs is great. Another classic player, Larry Young, get his album "Unity" with Elvin Jones, Joe Henderson and Woody Shaw.
There is Shirley Scott, Larry Young,Jimmy Smith, Joey DeFrancesco, Medeski Martin and Wood,Jimmy McGriff..... You might try Brian Auger's Oblivian Express as well. Remember to try before you buy. Happy hunting!!
Listen to some Joey DeFrancesco - Try "Live at the 5 Spot". Guest artist include Grover Washington, Kirk Whalum, Houston Person and Illinois Jacquet and another Hammond master, Captain Jack McDuff. Also check out "Incredible" where Joey and Organ Legend Jimmy Smith team up. Crank up the volume on track 3, "The Good Life". I often use this as a demo cut when demoing my system.

For some great straight ahead jazz, try Pat Martino, "Live at Yoshi's. Joey on organ, Pat on guitar and Billy Hart on drums.

You can't go wrong with Jimmy Smith. I prefer his earlier work.
I forgot to mention Charles Earland.
Here's a few of the better jazz organists that you might check out:
1. Jimmy Smith
2. Jack McDuff
3. Don Patterson
4. Jimmy McGriff
5. Shirley Scott
6. Larry Young
7. John Patton
8. Joey DeFrancesco
9. Larry Goldings
10. John Medeski
11. Lonnie Smith

You might enjoy looking at a German site for jazz organ fans. Here's the link:
Lots of good suggestions above-I own and would second the recommendations for Smith, McDuff, McGriff and Earland.

Also worth investigating, although tilted a little bit more towards blues, is Bruce Katz.
Booker T.
These are all great suggestions. I would add Sam Yahel (on latest Joshua Redman). Joey D is my fave and I go back to Wild Bill Davis. A Joey D styled B-3er from Ohio is Tony Monaco....very worthy.
Check out the AMG sites Soul Jazz map.I second Spindrifter on Charles Earland a.k.a. 'The Aloghty Burner".Got hip to him as player and producer of young lion tenor players "Alexander The Great" CD the last recording of Earland before his passing.Thing that cought me with this CD was that Earland comped beautifully while pumping at the same time.Too often a B-3 player will wipe eveybody else out while playing but here it was just right.I saw a guy selling some great B-3 player re-issue LP's on ebay under user name wdcdradio.Go to his store site off the ebay page and use AMG again if unfamilliar with some of the names.But for $12.00 I got some great 189 gm re-issue Lp's from this guy.I am sure he has heard evrything he sells (he has a radio show on shortwave hence his user name) and I am sure he could hip you to some of the stuff he has by B-3 players who aren't household names but are very greasy nonetheless.
This got to be such an over-played and over-commodified genre pretty quickly, but the best cuts by the best players still stand up. Most of the important practioners are mentioned above, so I'll just add that one of the main ingredients in the classic 'organ-trio' lineup was the electric guitarist, and Kenny Burrell's work in this format was the undisputed prototype here.
A great album is Charles Earland's Jazz Organ Summit. It's got Lonnie Smith, Johnny "Hammond" Smith, Jimmy McGriff, and Charles Earland, all on the same stage. Great stuff.
One Faded Rose version 2 by The Crickets/Charlie Phillips.  
Correction:. Buddy Holly actually  not the Crickets.  
These will surely satisfy:
Lonnie Smith - Live at the Club Mozambique
Soulive - Turn It Out
Don Patterson & Booker Ervin - Legends of Acid Jazz
Reverend Organdrum - Hi-Fi Stereo
Ron Levy - Zim Zam Zoom
Would be nice if you all people would particapte in 'Jazz for aficionados' part, lots of names that you have mentioned and more are often spoken about there.
Some of the important names that are not yet included here:

Milt Buckner

Richard Groove Holmes

Johnny Hammond

Mel Rhyne

Freddie Roach

Baby Face Willette

Alex, we meet on a different thread, and without a doubt you know your organists; I'm going to give you another one by "Face".

Grant Green and "Face" were as close as brothers, that's why they played so well together.

I had a suit exactly like the one Grant Green is wearing on the cover of "Grant's First Stand"; we might have bought them at the same store.


Enjoy the music.
Try Soul Live
You definitely need to check out Robert Walter. Robert is the keyboard player for the Greyboy Allstars and has several solo albums out. Upbeat modern jazz oriented grooves. My favorite album of his is "There Goes the Neighborhood" and I highly recommend the Greyboy Allstars work as well- particularly the "Greyboy Allstars Live" album. Karl Denson is the lead sax player by the way. You won't be disappointed.