Groove-Glide vrs Last Record Preservative

I'm looking for opinions on the different qualities and characteristics of Groove-Glide vrs Last Record Preservative.
I personally have only used Last. I think I hear a smoothness (more analoguey?) after using it. I've taken to opening new albums, applying Last, waiting five minutes, playing the record, then cleaning my stylus and cleaning the record and putting it in a new sleeve. Mostly I use the product for the promise of being able to listen to the album once per year for the rest of my life without it losing fidelity.
I'd especially like to hear from someone with experiance using both products, comparing and contrasting. Anyone know of any DIY similar products? Why is this stuff so expensive (other than the fact that they can charge anything and we'll buy it?) I'd love to buy a 55 gal. drum and break it down it 5 oz. bottles to sell on AudiogoN at about a buck a pop!
Not sure if groove glide will retard wear as well as Last.Mike the head tech at VPI told me it was best stuff to preserve.I use power cleaner,a home brew cleaner (Alchohol,and a few drops of clear dish cleaning liquid and Kodak Photoflow so it spreads well).Think all of there stuff is great though I have heard that the best cleaner,if I didn't make my own,would be the stuff from Disc Doctor.So btoom linbe ios I haven't used Groove Glide (Though I used Tourumat cleaner-good but expensive vs. home brew).From everything I have heard I think that the Last preservative is the one thing I would not change even if I tried other products before it's application.Next to my VPI 16.5 I think the Last preservative is the most impoartant record care product I use.Yeah it sucks that it's expensive but does it's job very well.
how many plays does one think a record can handle before it looses it fidelity? with the correct cartridge and setting? some say hundreds...
I have used Gruv-Glide since 1981. One application enhances the sound for many plays. I like it better than LAST because it is so easy to use, and does not alter the Vinyl Molecule. In fact you can wash it off if you don't want it on the record, and it rinses completely.

LAST is also a good product. I hear more of a sound improvement from GRUV-GLIDE. By the way they spell it GRUV-GLIDE, they have a website you can view under "G" of the manufacturers listings.

Hope this helps.
I used last for a number of years, but after using the Nitty Gritty on several Last treated products, the sound was degraded substantially. I have been using the Gruv-Glide product for about a year. It doesn't hurt, but I am not certain how much it helps. I believe that it and Last are 2 completely different products with different purposes.
Dear hlfoyd,

You are exactly right! LAST is a preservative & actually changes & alters the vinyl structure permanently.

GRUV GLIDE is a dry record treatment that enhances sound, completely gets rid of static, and enhances the trackability of the stylus in the groove. It does not alter the vinyl and can be washed off completely if you desire.

GRUV GLIDE is also much easier to use & way more economical

Hope this helps.