Groove Glide usage question....why 2 pads?

OK, I know what the directions say....but you gotta be tempted to just spray a light spritz on one pad and go with it, rather than rub it onto that second pad and waste it.

What's up with that? Don't they think we can restrain ourselves from soaking the pad, or is it a marketing trick to get us to use more Groove Glide?

I use both pads I use the second pad( patted not sprayed pad) to wipe after the first one. I feel the 1st pad treats the second cleans excess residue.
It would seem to me that the purpose of rubbing one pad against the other is to insure an even distribution of the spray. It seems to work well to me. The spray seems to last a really long time too, as I am still on the original can and have treated many records.
The second pad of the Gruv Glide kit is to diffuse the carrier (propellant) by aiding evaporation. The Gruv Glide product itself is supposed to go on dry. I've tried several methods of applying Gruv Glide. The one described in their instructions works best for me.I really can hear improvements depending on the record.

They have a website that has a visual demo that might be useful.

I am in agreement with hfloyd2601, it's good stuff and has worked well for me for over 15 years.

Hope this helps.
Here's the response from the manufacturer when I emailed them with this question.______________________________

hank you for your interest and for being a GRUV-GLIDE user. Glad you like

To answer your question, one cannot, with certainty, accomplish the same
things you suggest, although there may be some measure of approaching the results
of the recommended procedure. Aerosols are not precision instruments, they
are relatively cheap and mass produced. No two aerosols spray actuators
(nozzles) produce exactly the same pattern. Spread, coverage, penetration,
volatility are affecting variables as are temperature, vapor pressure, remaining
propellant and pressure, etc.

Following the directions for application will produce the best results.


Follow the directions?! Imagine that!
I clean a lot of records and end up going thru both pads. When it has been used too much it is not as effective. After I clean the record, I use a lint roller to remove what it has picked up, and change adhesive in the roller frequently. They changed propellant a few years back, and it is not quite as good in my opinion. I have not been able to get it to complete the can, leaving quite a bit still in there.