GroOove Lube. Does it work?

Gearheads? Sounds good in theory. Surfactant: Surfactants are compounds that lower the surface tension of a liquid, the interfacial tension between two liquids, or that between a liquid and a solid. Surfactants may act as detergents, wetting agents, emulsifiers, foaming agents, and dispersants.

However I find myself skeptical of products that may add coloration or stylus buildup/degradation over time. Give us your thoughts.
I was really pissed a LONG time ago, when I had even less sense than I do now.

I was mad and couldn't figure out how to keep records clean...and noise free.

In the process of ruining a stylus, I discovered that Armor All worked like a champ, ZERO surface noise and it sounded great.

Don't do it, at least with Armor All.
I would stay away from ANY product that may leave a residue on the record.
Groove Lube, Stylast, etc.

Junk junk junk.

Clean records thoroughly and align tonearm precisely.

End of story.
Groove Lube is amazing I've been using this now for about 3 months and it is as though I've upgraded a major component you have to follow the directions exactly clean the record first it is absolutely amazing a fabulous product I'm running a marrow heirloom with a kawaii to cartridge a cat preamp Scott Franklin V8 amps and calf ls50 speakers wonderful wonderful product
Stylast, as well as the LP Preservative and other products from The Last Factory, is hardly junk, but rather well-engineered products by a chemist and LP archivist. Last products are used by The National Archives in Washington, D.C., hardly fools. The LP Preservative is not a coating, it is a PVC-bonding agent that is applied in liquid form. The liquid carrier evaporates, by which time the active ingredient has bonded the PVC molecules of the vinyl LP together, making it’s grooves far less susceptible to wear.
What bdp24 said, +1. I’ve been using LAST’s products(STYLAST/LAST/lately: RCM), for over three decades, and have nothing but praise. WELL, that PLUS clean/quiet/excellent sounding vinyls and pristine/long lasting styli.