Groneberg cables

Has anyone heard the Groneberg cables sold by Odyssey Audio?
I have heard them. For the money the Quattro IC's are very good especially paired with the stereo Stratos amp.

The TS Premium IC's are very good, period.

The best IC I have heard are the Bolder Nitro's, but these are much more expensive than the Gronebergs, and I doubt they work as good with the stereo Stratos as the Quattros.

I had Gronberg speaker cables in my ref system, these are now in my second system. I replaced them with Bolder speaker Cables. The Gronebergs are very good speaker cables and the Bolder cables had a subtle difference that I liked just a bit better with my equipment. The differnce in speaker cables was minute.

Keep in mind that what works in one system may not work in another. That what one person prefers may not be what you prefer.

Klaus (Odyssey) is a great guy and he has a money back garaunty on his cables, so give them a try, you have really nothing to lose and a lot to gain.