Hello folks,
For many years, I loved Grobschnitt's first release, and I believe this LP had the song "Harmony" on it.

I'd like finding a source for this, to buy, at least on CD, because I feel my chances for finding a mint Vinyl copey-release might be nil.

Any help would be appreciated, Thanks, Mark
Hi,Their 1st may be out of stock or out of Print because Greg doesn't have it listed on his site at the moment. . They are a Progressive Rock Band from Germany.Click on Germany flag on his site.He is one of the premier Prog dealers in the world.Harmony isn't on their 1st cd/lp.I have 5 of theirs and Harmony isn't on them.Solar Music Live is their Masterpiece imo called Sun Ship on their 1st..Lasers Edge is another good Prog site.A search will reveal many Prog sites for Radio,Forums and retail.Also try Amazon and E-Pay for track lists.Good Hunting,JD
1st album is OOP.Cheapest is $85 on Amazon...Time to sell mine I think.I read all track list of theirs.Song Harmony is nowhere to be found.JD
A NM copy is available on ebay for 49USD (US seller) - Brain green label original (I have one also, and the sound is very enjoyable - better than the 'orange brain' later presses...) might mean Symphony?...tracks are

Side 1

Side 2
Wonderful Music
Sun Trip
Yes gentlemen, thank you for your clarifications, I believe the song I asked of, is "Symphony".
An outstanding LP (and group), one I have liked to get my hands on for quite some time now, but they are sort of rare. Mark
Eroc is continually remastering their catalog.It will be out again on cd I'm sure..Keep checking dealer sites for re-release.JD
Yew wans "Solar Musik Live".
'un o' baist fings ter cum oota Germany.