Gregitek Sirius Speakers

Not a lot online about these. Anyone have any input on these? 
Looks like they're a lifestyle product from a company that builds nice cabinets and sends out a nicely-written PR sheet.
Well they sure made a good sounding speaker. I bought this pair. Have a week to demo. Don’t think they’ll be going back.
@pstores I have some of their footers nicely made and they work well. Alfred the importer typically has a good ear for products. Glad you’re liking the speakers!
Thanks, wished I could find a manual on them. I don’t believe they are as efficient as
stated. But they do sound nice
@pstores A US dealer, possibly the US importer is Alfred Kainz  his email address is I've dealt with him in the past a really good guy and straight shooter. He could probably help you out with the manual. 
Seems that thread was removed. Wonder why? There is so little online about them. Be nice to learn about them. Seems they use the Seas Drivers. They do sound pretty good.