Gregg Allman passed away today

One of the best Gregg Allman passed away today at the age of 69. Will be spinning Live At Fillmore East tonight. Rest In Peace Gregg.
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Another one of my heroes gone. So many recently. RIP Gregg......
A pioneer in Southern Fried Rock. R.I.P.
So sad to lose two of my favorite vocalist (Chris Cornell RIP) in less than 10 days!!

Gregg Allman heading up into that Blue Sky.

RIP Gregg!!
Truly great voice. We'll miss you Brother Greg.
Another picture of a dead musician now hangs on my music room walls, they are full of them. The ABB has been one of my favorite bands since they started up. Rest easy Brother Gregg.
Rest in Peace,  
"No One To Run With" (anymore)


One of the great voices...
Aauuggh. Gregg was one of those musicians you hoped would live on forever. What a great person. I hope he is reunited with his brother and they rock their new house. Thanks for all the music Gregg!
A very sad day indeed.

R.I.P. were one of the best!
Would just like to add only saw ABB once live in July of 1974 at Mile Hight Stadium in Denver. Was a great afternoon concert. I'm 61 and grew on on the music of the sixties and seventies and it seems that so many of my heroes are passing away. It was a magic time seems all we have left is the vinyl. 
........42 years of my life I have listened to him and the Allman Brothers. Countless shows and actually got to met him to sign a concert promotion poster. There will never be another. I had bought tickets and airfare and hotel nights to see him on 06/14 and 06/15 in Savanah, Georgia this year and I live in New York and after those were cancelled I feared the worse would happen, and it has. He was one of the few that actually could sing  Sam Cooke's ; '' Change Is Gonne Come '' with true musical conviction.' That '' generation ''  and style of music has really come to a close. This is a huge loss.              
One of the best southern rock vocalists,that will be truly missed.

Rest in peace.


Enormous loss!  Garebear, you hit the nail on the head!


For anyone interested in how Greg got his start in the industry have a look at the Muscle Shoals documentary - its on youtube,  also a better copy on Netflix.
A great way to fill in two hours 
+1 on the Muscle Shoals documentary--world class.

Absolutely a great loss! "Time goes by like pouring rain"

RIP Greg. Thank you for making the sound track of this lifetime that much better. The Allman’s were just GREAT!

To all, can you imagine if you could bring someone back from 100, 200, 300, 1,000-years ago to listen to the music that we’ve all had the insane fortune to experience over the last 50+-years. Astonishing!
Damn. Truly bummed to learn of his passing. 
RIP " Midnight Rider ".  Will miss you!

As many have said, one of the all-time best.  Probably my all-time favorite American rock band. 

Glad he made peace in his life before going home to Duane's welcoming arms.  Rest In Peace, Gregg
I was reading that his new music will not be out until this fall. I also read that another Jackson Browne cover ; Son of Adam will be on this disc / album. Just wondering and I guess curious as to what that music will be. Just overall sad as he was one of my musical compass's    
The word great is too easily used these days. But, not when used to describe Gregg. He was a giant -- with a legacy that will live on for hundreds of years. Goodbye my friend.
If all of you people who like Gregg Allman, would venture to Facebook's "Bufffalo Springfield and Beyond", and "Neil Young's Heart of Gold Spreading on Facebook" [go to, and in the entry bar, type "Buffalo Sprin...", and "Neil Young's.." to find these] could view my many postings of Gregg: live concerts, many songs by the Allman Brothers, and his funeral... Southern Man and Gregg at the Movies and much more..  And read the many comments by his fans..  Gregg was a real show stopper with his brothers.. And many of fans loved Gregg, and remembered him as he passed.. His wife Cher, and President Carter attended his funeral.. Bless Gregg.. a very sad day.. may Gregg Rest In Peace..