Greg Brown - Wilson speakers

I was at a Wilson demo a few years ago at Innovative Audio (NY) and a Greg Brown song was played. I realize he has composed a lot of songs, but this one was, maybe, love-themed, emotional/haunting. Does anyone have an idea of what it might be? Thanks.
I have five or six Greg Brown albums and I'm only scratching the surface of his work so you really need to give a bit more info.
Iowa Waltz?
The best love or haunting themed Greg Brown songs IMO...

"Hey Baby... Hey" , "Sleeper", " Where is Maria"" Say A Little Prayer", " Poet Game", "Wash My Eyes", "Lately", "Going Driftless" , "Spring Wimd"

I have all his music, but a simple "best of" is a tribute CD (all great female vocalists) tiled "Going Driftless.."

John Giolas of Wilson often uses some Greg Brown's music to set up their speakers so its no surprise that Elliot uses his music as well. Not only is the writing great but the acoustic guitar work on some of the CD's is spectacular.
Give Youtube a try.
Well believe it or not I just got turned onto Greg Brown recently with the song "Spring Wind". It's on the CD Dream Cafe. Hopefully it will come in the mail tomorrow so I can listen to it over the weekend.

Good luck Newton.