Greg Brown - The Poet Game

I listened to this front to back today, have owned it for years but today actually listened proper. And jeepers it's a top 10 recording. The sound quality is incredible. Ripe natural bass. Natural vox. And killer bluesy rootsy songs. Trust me: check it out! 
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I haven't listened to it in quite a while but I used to enjoy it frequently. I think my favorite cut is "Brand New '64 Dodge", but "Boomtown" is pretty good too.... Good record.......
Big talent, as is his wife Iris Dement.
Yes, this is a terrific recording.  The lyrics, in particular are amazingly thoughtful.  I particularly like the title track (about the seeming power of words, but, ultimate impotence of words), and Brand New '64 Dodge (about the loss of innocence following the Kennedy assassination).  

The sound quality is VERY good on CD, but, it actually sounds considerably better on the original vinyl release.  That is a record worth hunting for just for the sound alone.
Yes, there's a lot for a boy to think about as he walks along the railroad tracks.
Love it. Cheers,
Excellent recording, have it on Vinyl too, its in the frequent rotation stack 

Good Listening

VPI used the first tune as background music on his older website...that's where I found it, bought the CD and play it often.
pbnaudio.... can you tell me if the vinyl is better than the CD?  Thanks