Green Mtn Europa vs. Von Schweikert VR1

I notice that there were a couple of comments on these speakers and how the europa blew away the VR1 in side by side comparisons. I owned the europa for quite a while then sold them to buy the spendor 3/1p. I wanted a good sounding speaker with a great wooden finish and I think I did pretty well. But after a while the speaker sort of bored me and I sold them. I found a good deal on the VR1's through a dealer and purchased them sight unseen and unheard. Basically purchased them based on reviews. These speakers had a beautiful finish and the sound to me is lively and very open. They have very good detail and bass for their size. My question is , since I don't have the europa's to compare them to, what are the major differences. Bass has got to be one because of the size of the cabinets. The europa is much larger. I really did love the sound of the europa's and would have kept them if they had matched my decor. Just looking for some comments or maybe some persuasion to purchase another pair of the Europa's if they are really that much better!
Never heard the Europas. In fact, never heard of them either. I would be very leary of any comments like "blew away" especially given the way the VS sounds. I'm also curious to see if anyone can back that up. If so, then they've remained a secret.
there is a bit too much "hype" here on GMA Europas, they are very good speakers but so are other makes, one needs to put things in perspective.

I own both speakers and no way does GMA Europas "blow away" VR1 in my systems, they are pretty comprable but I think Europas would sound better in more systems because of more forgiving nature.

VR1 has more vivid detailed treble and sounds faster, would mate best with system that is slightly warm to nuetral.

Soundstage is very close, both very strong in this area and I rate them roughly equal.

Rest of sound spectrum I slightly prefer the Europas, bass midrange etc. As I said before I think it is more forgiving of music played and would sound good with a wider range of gear.

And lastly if visual beauty is important the VR1 are beautiful speakers especially the African Hazelwood finish, the Europas are just industrial looking black cabinets.

If I could only keep one pair I personally would go with Europas because I play plenty of rock/alt music that is not recorded well. I think both are great products at real world price, also I have recieved great customer service from both companies.
This says it all:
"If I could only keep one pair I personally would go with Europas because I play plenty of rock/alt music that is not recorded well" Most speakers are fine if you only listen to great recordings. Many recordings, especially older ones from artists that were never able to book high end studios don't sound so good on a great many speakers. To me, thats where the GMA's blow away other speakers. I mean, whats it worth to be able to listen to, and ENJOY old Jimmie Spheeris stuff on vinyl? Thats why I have the Europa's and, besides instruments and voices sound very "live", thats what I like best about them.
Hey, I think I've heard of these Euorpas, heard they're pretty good speakers.
Wizard: let me see if I have this straight. You owned the Europas and now you own the VR1s and you want other people to tell you what the differences are between the two? You need to trust yourself, man! With which pair did you get off the most on the music?
This is just too funny. Wizard man you should tell US, what is better, not other way around!
I think he's ordered them and waiting for them to arrive and getting quite antsy thus this thread....
It is hard to compare speakers that you previoulsy owned with current are just going from memory which can often be selective.

Just to follow-up on what Songwriter said, in general terms the Europas would be great choice if you play mostly rock/alt music, they are forgiving and musical yet still capable of very good detail, a full natural sound. I really enjoy them overall, but other speakers do certain things equal or better at same price level.

The VR1 has more open detailed treble vs Europas, but will be less forgiving of poorly recorded material. On the other hand VR1s will present fine details that Europa can only hint at. I do play rock music with VR1 but have to make some cable changes warm sound up and dial back treble energy a bit. This is why I say VR1 ideally mates best with slightly warm to neutral system.

I tend to "collect" monitor speakers, have 4 pairs now and enjoy switching them in and out of my systems. Hate to sell great speakers that sound so good for such a reasonable price.
Hi guys and thanks for your responses. Yes, I have had both and currently I own the VR1 which I purchased after the Spendor's. I do not have any speaker on order, but it has been a while since I have listened to the europa's having had the spendor's in between. It seems to me now from these responses, that they are both great speakers with different applications, based it seems mostly upon the treble extension of the VR1's. They are definitely a lively speaker and I like that. Totally different than the Spendor's. You can say I have had both and I should be telling you how they sound , but it is hard when it has been a while and you don't have a direct comparison. I also have different electronics than what I had with the Europa's. Just a general question and thanks again for the responses.
There is a gentleman on Audioasylum that talked about owning a pair of the Europa's before switching to Source Technology 1.5wv -- he said the Source's were better in every way --- they cost half as much as the Europa's when purchased direct from Source if there isn't a dealer available.

The owner of Source, John Sollecito, has a great reputation in the audio industry and would be worth a call to discuss his products.
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No I don't have any financial interest in the company.
"They are definitely a lively speaker and I like that."
You like the way they sound and you like the way they look. It seems to me that you found what you were looking for so why second guess yourself based on the opinions of others? Sure the Europa's are good speakers, you owned them and you know it, but the VR1's satisfy you with sound and looks so stick with your own judgement. It' solid.
I performed a home demo over a long weekend with the Vr-1s,Quad 12 Ls, and the Europas...Von S. and the Quads shared similiar characterics that others have touched upon...treble response was a bit "hot" with great clarity and "sparkle"...however...over time this can be very fatiguing...the Europas came alive in the midrange area...where 90% of your listening is performed...with a very holographic, spatial friend described them as "atmospheric" compared to the others...they had a sense of realism and space the others simply lacked....especially on vocals and percussive instruments...however...QUadsand the Vons did have superior bass extension and definition...especially the QUads...but it was hard to get around that "liquid" midrange of the EUropas...the others seemed a bit "flat" in comparison...