Green Mountain Europas vs Dali Royal Towers

Anyone have a chance to compare these speakers? I've heard the Dalis and fell in love with their sound (they matched very nicely with an Arcam A65+).
You heard the dali/arcam combo. You fell in love with it. Your words. Why the interest in Green mountain?
... cause this is my first serious system and I don't trust my instincts enough to make a call. The Green Mountains seem to have a lot of passionate fans on this board and are in the same price range as the Dalis. I'm also trying find a Creek 50i/Epos system to sample.

Or maybe I should trust the love thing...
Trust the love thing. You are the one that will have to listen to the system, not the people on this board.

May I ask whic Dali's you heard and where?
The Dali Royal Tower's at Park Audio in New York... $1200-$14oo depending on the external finish.

They blew away the lower end Dali's... warm and detaled... you really couldn't tell where the sound was coming from.
I have never heard the GMA's but I have heard the Dali's. At the time, they were outside my price range and I could not afford them but if I could have, I would have bought them. The detail was great, and they had excellent imaging. Definitely not bright. I heard them through mid level NAD receiver. I spoke with the Western US Dali rep last year and of all the higher end line they sell, he has the Royals in his home. Finally, I think their veneers are beautiful and they would be gorgeous in a living room.
Do yourself a favor. Listen to the GMA Europa's before you buy any other speaker. They are that good.
Thanks for your advice everyone... I'd love to hear the Europas in action, but haven't yet found a place in Manhattan that carries them.

Also... should I be concerned about whether the Arcam A65+ is an appropriate match... or should I be looking at a different amp in that price range?
The Arcam should be fine. These speakers are being used in modest systems and very expensive ones. They sound great on most any amp. I've heard mine on everything from Citation to Arragon to my son's mini cd system's amp (basically a rack system) Never once heard them sound bad. Best thing is they make bad recordings sound pretty good, and they are an easy load for the amp. Not many speakers can do that for $1K. Good luck
Why not demo the GMA Europa's and make up your own mind. Roy at GMA is the best to work with and if you decide you don't like them, send them back. It is worth it for the sound you are searching for.
What is the new list price on Europa's?
New web site:
Thanks , Elsneb.