Green Mountain Europas....Legendary performance

Category: Speakers

I have had these speakers for a close to a year...and they simply get better with age...I am constantly shaking my head in amazement every time I fire them up(such as the live harmonica sounds on Neil Young's!)...and from the glowing reviews here...this speaker is approaching legendary status...and with good the most simple terms...not only does it compete with far costlier many ways it outperforms them(outside of deep bass response) is hard to get around the true time/phase coherency of this speaker...mated with a very unique reasonate-free enclosure...well...this type of thinking is hard to surpass at any price...this is the most money I have ever spent on any one audio componet...and unlike a vast majority of high end products that come with endless veneer/cosmetic options,wiring options, pointless rhetoric marketing, inflated costs, and sub par performance...these GMAs are the real deal my friends...I dont even bother frequenting my local hi-end stores...there is nothing I have come across in a monitor that is more transparent, liquid, and flows like water! Outstanding job by ROy at GMA...he gets my vote for designer of the year...and the Europas as product of the year...what else can one say?
Glad these are working out well for you.

It would be helpful if you could list similar monitor speakers you have owned/compared directly to GMA Europas,
also if you could list your system with Audiogon so members know what gear you are using, provides useful context for other members who may be considering purchase of these.