Green Mountain Europa/Reference 3A DeCapo i

Both have solid reputations. Some claim the GMA Europa competes with speakers in the $3-$4k range. How does it stand up to the DeCapo i? Does anyone out there have experience with both who can tell me about their strengths and weaknesses and in their opinion which is the better speaker? I listen to rock/pop, jazz and blues. Associated equipment-NAD C372 integrated, NAD 542 CD player, Cardas and Analysis Plus cables.

I purchased a set of Europas in January and am very happy with them. They are everything that others have described in reviews. I also auditioned a set of DeCapo I last summer when I was looking to replace a set of Athena AS-F2. At the same time I tried out a set of Cardas Neutral Reference speaker cables. I ended up only buying the Cardas cables as I did not feel that the DeCapos were that much of an improvement over the Athena's. As I remember the DeCapos were very dynamic but not as detailed as the Europas. I also listen to rock, jazz and blues.