green mountain calypso ?

Does anyone own ...or have any info about these speakers?...
Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.
I haven't heard the Calypso, but just bought a pair of used Continuum 3s. These are by far and away the best speakers I have owned. If the Calypso is a big slice of this (and according to Roy, it is), then you will NOT be disappointed. I have also owned the Imago IIIs, the Callistos and am very familiar with the Europas. Roy Johnson is a genius who should get far more credit than he does.

a little bit of info in this thread:

maybe you can contact some of the owners offline? I also know that member "cenline" has these speakers (you can see them listed in his system). Maybe he'll be willing to give you some info on them?
I have a pair Of Calypso's. What would you like to know?
I agree with Shakeydeal, Roy is a jewel in the speaker design industry. I've had mine for several years and love them. They stopped my search for speakers.
I also use them as the final listen for my own music in my home recording studio. If it sounds good on the Calypso's I know it's a good mix. I've owned several GMA products also, from the Europa's to the Calypso and a pair of the new Rio's. Each exceded my expectations.