Green Mountain C3 speakers

Any opinions regarding Green Mountain C3 speakers from owners ?
thank you
It's sad I'm the 1st one responding to this.

I heard them at RMAF and had to have a pair. Couldn't be happier. They aren't light-years away from my Hyperions in every way, but they get certain things right like only time & phase correct speakers can (hard transients, for example). They disappear very well for such large speakers and throw a huge soundstage.

My 30W SET monoblocks drive them very well in my very large room. No need at all for more power.
I need to add a bit more - certainly these speakers are one of the true gems in audio. I've not heard a speaker up to, oh, at least $28K (Wilson WP8) that I'd prefer. In fact, I've never heard one I'd prefer, but I have little experience with anything above that price range!

They do everything just right, including the stuff the t&p accuracy gives. They do not have the lowest low bass, but this doesn't bother me - in fact, they are the first loudspeaker I've owned that I'm not using a sub with. They are solid down to the mid 30s - enough bass for about everything. They are extremely easy to drive - much more so than the 90dB sensitivity spec would indicate - as well as that big 12" woofer.

Hopefully some more owners will chime in. They are out there! I'd post on AudioAsylum too.