Green Mountain Audio still in business?

Sent out email to them, but have not heard anything back. Are they still in business?


Did you try calling them ?
Green Mountain Audio
310 South 25th Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80904 USA
(719) 636-2500, fax -2499

I recently received an email from another agoner claiming that he paid for GMA Europa speakers but never received them. I was quite interested in them, but I'd be very wary after that email.
I hope they are in business. I was planning driving down and picking up a set in january.

I just called them, nobody answered, its just shyof 6pm, i would figure they would still be there, but maybe not.

They just released those Continuim 3 speakers a could months ago diddnt they?

Roy? Hey Roy! WHere are you!
Just called them again, i managed to get through.

I'm a GMA C1.5i owner & have spoken to Roy many times. He has never blown me off on the phone or email & always found time to discuss speaker issues with me. I have to admit that I called him a lot this Summer: June, July just before the C3 went into production.
Roy knew that he was going to get real busy so he told me always *call him* henceforth as he was going to have far to much work to keep up with emails. Thus, I suggest that you call him & not email him. The # is (719) 636-2500. Often one of his employee, Ken, picks up the phone. Ken is pretty good about giving msgs to Roy. I've not had Roy not return my call thus far.
They are very much in business - just over-worked getting enough Europas & C3s thru the door!
I own Green Mountain Europas; that is my only connection to the company.

During the wait for my speakers to be built and shipped I was in touch with Roy Johnson many times, mostly by phone,some email. I felt that communications were at a high level of attention from him and Ken. Every conversation was handled in a patient, personable and informative manner.

Even now, months after the deal, Roy calls to stay in touch and to ask about the break-in and to help me achieve optium setup for my system.

Roy is absolutely firstclass as a speaker designer/builder and as a businessman, in my experience.
Just spoke with Roy the other night. Like the previous poster stated, Roy is just inundated with work and the best way to try and get thru to him during these times is via the phone. His customer service is excellent and he is a gentleman in an industry that has far too few. Oh, by the way.............his products are AMAZING.
I would like to concur with the above responses. I've spoken to Roy several times and he's been very helpful and informative. Like everyone's said, he's been very busy and is trying his best to keep up with correspondence. I have the Europas and they are fantastic.
I just got off the phone with Roy (1/19 3:05 pm EST) and he wanted me to tell everyone he hasn't checked emails since last Thursday, because he is busy filling orders. Knowing how cool Roy is, I'm sure he will be in touch with you as soon as possible. If you need to get in touch with him immediately I recommend giving him a call.

I asked Roy if he was going to show at C.E.S. in January and he said he hasn't made up his mind yet. It will depend on workload.

So, yes GMA is still in business and going strong! :-)
Yup, I agree about Roy. He has spent much time with me on the phone over the repair of shipping damage to my Europas and other issues. He makes time for his customers in my experience. Scott
I talked to Roy a while back for over an hour on the phone.Very nice guy ..maybe one day I will get a chance to try out a pair of his speakers. Right now thou I'am addicted to Magnepans.
Seems like roy is working his butt off.
So is demand outscaling the availability of product?

i hear so many fantastic things about the GMA eurpoa's, here in a month or so i was hoping to buy some. GMA is only about an hour's drive from where im at, i was hoping i could go down an pick up a pair eventually. Is there a waiting list on these? if so, anyone know how long?
Slappy, give Roy a call... he will be able to answer all your questions. Since you only live about an hour away I would encourage you to go visit him and listen to his offerings. Roy is very personable and eager to talk about all things related to audio. As a matter of fact, yesterday he spent a significant amount of time on the phone helping me with a audio related project I'm working on.

Not much to add.....give him a call or email him your number and be patient. Busy guy, but took the time to call me and have a long converstaion last month. Can't wait to hear his speakers.
Roy was nice enough to call me after I bought my Europa's to ask me how I like them. We had an hour long conversation. A very nice man.
Roy is the shit...and thats a good thang...very intelligent...and very charming...I love my Europas....however...I understand the demand for them is be patient...they are worth it....
for about a month. I've e-mailed Roy 2 days ago, but no response, I'll be calling him tommorrow. Hope I'm not in the same camp as the other guy who claims never rec'd speakers
Just to be clear.............if you want to get thru to Roy, give him a call. E-mail is not his strength. While he may take some time to actually deliver product, his speakers compete with the best out there at any price and Roy is a true gentleman.
appears to be buried in work, hopefully that's a good thing. Promised to get my Europa's out first of week, an internal oversight, he thought they went out weeks ago. I'm cool with that.
I just spoke to Roy on the phone. Even though he is in fact buried in work, he took ten minutes of his time to chat about his speakers. He recommeded a dealer in SoCal for me to visit. I called this dealer and setup an appointment for a listen on Saturday. Need a replacement for my JM Labs Cobalts that I just sold. Whereas my JM Labs never dissapointed me, in my small condo and nearfield situation, they were just too big.

Anyway, I just wanted to give kudos to Roy as he seems like a very nice fellow.

More Kudos to Roy - he has spend much time with me on the phone and via email - a true gentlman. I am thrilled he is getting such demand for the europas!! Now Roy, about that subwoofer and active crossover we talked about...... how are those coming? :)

Cheers - Scott
Just joined the Green Mountain family.These Europas are some terrific speakers.Probably the most coherent speakers I have heard to date.Still love my maggies thou.Can't choose between the two.So I will keep them both.My hats off to Roy for designing such a wonderful speaker at an affordable price!

No hype with this is real!

Happy listening!
Welcome to the Green Mountain "family", Gmood1! Glad to read that you are really enjoying the Europas.
Thanks Bombaywalla..what I like most about these speakers.. is how close they come to the speed and resolution of a magneplanar or electrostatic speaker.Any box speaker that can do that is well designed IMHO!