Green Mountain Audio Imagos

Whose heard 'em? Comments?

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No, I didn't find that when I searched. Thanks.

Where's Songwriter72 when you need him, with the latest and greatest from Roy. Oz, he be here soon with the Green Mountain scoop...
I'm sure the Imagos stomp all over stuff like... oh, lemme see now... I know: Zu Definitions!
C'mon Warrenh... take the bait
nope...too much inner peace going on in this body. bait? I think you're thinking of someone else? ...peace, warren :)
Ah...inner peace comes at the expense of a sense of humor, I see.
Take the bait?

Warren's a master of that domain.

Dan, my man: haven't lost my sense of humor. Who writes your material? lol...ohmmm....peace..shalom....warren :)
Well to try and take this thread back on topic, looks like I am going to go for the Imago in their vIII iteration. If I like what I hear, I will send the xovers back to Roy to bring them up to current status.

Glad you guys could amuse yourself.....;-}}

Anytime my man, happy to oblige. :-)

Good decision, Oz.