Green mountain audio eos hx tweeter distance question

I lost my setup manual for the EOS tweeter distance so was wondering if anyone recalls the recommended tweeter distance to faceplate that Roy recommended if seated approximately 8 feet away.  I believe it stated something like 2 5/8 inches but was wondering if anyone knew.  I just moved my speakers and the tweeters moved so don't recall the distance I had them set at and I preferred the setting that Roy stated in his manual.
I know I should also experiment on what sounds best but was wondering what Roy also recommended for best phase accuracy at 8 feet.

Hi Marcello,If you send me your email address, I can email you a PDF copy of the Eos HX manual.Best,Chris

Thanks Chris.  I actually found the PDF copy in one of Roy's emails he had sent me from a few years back when I bought the speakers.

I was waiting for the RX ribbon upgrade but unfortunately as you know Roy passed away.

I've just ordered the new Spatial Audio X5 speakers which I should be receiving in a few weeks.  Have listened to another open baffle speaker at a friends that I really liked so looking to try something different.  I've had four different Green Mountain audio speakers for the last fifteen years and love their sound but want to try the open baffle approach and see if I like it or not.  I will have 60 days home audition in case I prefer the Green Mountain Audios, we will see.

How long have you been using Green Mountain Audio Speakers?


Hi Marcello,I've been using my Eos HDs for about 12 years, and had also been speaking with Roy about his new RX ribbon upgrade (in addition to the HX crossover upgrade) prior to his untimely passing.  Please keep me posted on your findings with the open baffle, as I have also been very curious about those as I have a Decware amp and it seems open baffle speakers are all the rage on the Decware forum these days.Best,Chris 
Hi Marcello,I just wanted to check in and see how the new Spatial X5s com-ared to your Eos speakers.Thanks,Chris
Hi Chris,

Honestly as much as I liked the EOS speakers the X5's are just better in almost every way.  It's hard to compare them as the X5's are full range and go into the upper 20's in my room whereas the EOS had much more limited low bass.  I ran the EOS with two rel storm subs which really improved the sound a lot for me.  Without the subs the bass was not extended enough for me.  
I would say the midrange on both are very similar, wide open and free of any colorations or distortion.  However the X5's are still cleaner in the midrange with absolutely no resonance as there is no box.  I could still hear some resonance rarely in the EOS on certain guitar sounds or piano but it was very infrequent.  The X5's also play much louder without strain.  The drivers in the X5 can play very loudly without compression whereas the EOS do have a limit as to how loud they can be played although I do not always listen at very high volumes.

The treble is faster in the X5s and the EOS tweeters are a little sharper.  I would say the X5 treble is smoother but a little more resolving than the EOS.  The X5 tweeter actually is crossed very low to 1kh so it reproduces a lot of the midrange which I feel is another bonus.  Acoustic instruments and vocals are outstanding on the X5 due to the speed of the tweeter.

Bass there is no comparison.  The bass on the X5 is probably the tightest bass I've heard with no overhang, boom or bloat.  Very fast and tight and extends to the upper 20s in my room.  The rels actually detracted from the sound as the rels were not as fast or detailed as the open baffles bass.  I dont see myself ever using a box speaker any more as a subwoofer.  If I ever move into a larger room I would augment the bass with open baffle subs but do not need to do so currently.

Soundstaging is excellent on both speakers and that was a big strength of the EOS especially depth.  I would say they are both on par as far as imaging and soundstaging.

But in my opinion the X5s are a very special speaker and do everything at a very high level with no weaknesses that I can detect.  

They pretty much disappear and have no sound signature to speak of and every recording sounds different, it's hard to explain but they have no obvious sound signature as they are so neutral to the recording but never sound harsh.  There is no sibilance to speak of.

Anyway I still have a soft spot for Green mountain audio speakers, still have two pairs of them and still consider them one of the most neutral revealing speakers I've had in my home.

As far as placement the X5s are very easy to place.  You should have them at least three feet from the front wall for the loudest bass but since the X5 has a separate amp level control you can adjust to your preference which is a game changer for me and makes placement easier.  Also open baffle interacts with the room much less than a box speaker which in my opinion results in cleaner tighter bass with no boom or overhang.  
My room is not a great room and these speakers sound really good in them being full range.
Hi Marcello,Thanks so much for the detailed and informative response.  I am delighted you are so happy with the X5s, but am very distressed, because now I know I am going to have to give them a listen, as well.The fact that I could get rid of the subs I have running with my Eos just adds to their appeal.Best,Chris
Sure.  This hobby is a difficult one since it seems we are always looking for the next upgrade and really never 100% happy.  I've updated most of my equipment over the years except for my Pathos twin towers integrated which I've had now for a little over 20 years and it still sounds excellent so no need for me to upgrade that yet until it breaks.  It's only 30 watts per channel but I've always used more efficient speakers so no issues in terms of power.  The X5s are 97 db efficient and 8 ohms so very easy to drive.
As I mentioned the EOS are superb monitors but do need subs to sound full range.  
Good luck and try to at least give the X5s a listen.

Hi Chris, & Marcello,

would one of you please send me a copy of the EOS HX manual?

I really appreciate it!



Hi Aaron,

I'd be happy to email you the manual.  What's your email address?