Green Mountain Audio Continuum 2i----any owners?

I am interested in a new model from Green Mountain Audio called Continuum 2i. This is an updated version of Continuum 2. Model 3 is also available, and I understand that Mod 3 is the same as 2i but in a different cabinet. Has anyone had experience with the Continuum 2i? If so, how does it compare to a Vandersteen 3A Signature? My choices in new speakers is betwen Vandersteen and Green Mountain. In either case, I would add a pair of Vandersteen 2Wqs.
Thanks for any info.
I have upgraded my Continuum 2 to 2i with the much improved crossover and am very happy with the speaker. It is a full range speaker with all but the lowest bass and I do not bother to use my sub. It images like a mini-monitor with the artificial granite cabinets just larger than the speakers. The sound is now very detailed, dynamic, and non-fatiguing. I replaced Apogee Duettas. I think it is better than the Vandy 3A, which I heard at a dealer before I decided on these and it is easier to drive. I use a Pass 0s, but it can be driven with tubes.
I have to admit that I listened to Thiels for years at different dealers, and I always wondered why people bought and loved them, until I heard them properly setup, then it was all clear. I have never heard Vandersteens that did not sound like someone tossed a comforter over their speakers. I have heard the Green Mountain's ONCE, and was not impressed with their imaging. This very likely had to do with synergy and associated gear, but they did sound a lot better than any Vandys, to include the 3A Sigs, that I have ever heard.

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I upgraded the crossovers on my pair of Continuum 2 to 2i status and Roy Johnson also sent me the new packing for the midrange and tweeter. I am very pleased with the speakers. I heard the Vandy 3 sig at a dealers with a totally differnet system. I bought the GM2C because they sounded more dynamic and were easier to drive with my existing amp. They are also fully adjustable (midrange and tweeter) to almost any size listening room and seated height( the Vandy is somewhat adjustable by changing the tilt.). Electronically the C2i is the same as the new C3, but the new C3 has a new sculpted box which may have a better WAF.
To get the best imaging one would need to follow the setup suggested by the designer very carefully as to room position and measure very careflluy the distance to the drivers. When this is done, I doubt any speaker of this range can image any better.