Green Mountain Audio Chroma HX

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Do any of you have any experience with the latest iteration of Roy Johnson's Green Mountain Audio Rio stand mount? He's upgraded the crossover and internal wiring, and it's now called the Chroma HX.
Any impressions?

We just began shipping the new HX version in early Jan. The feedback has been very positive, agreeing with what we've experienced here. However, those clients already own other GMA speakers and don't really get onto the speaker forums anymore.

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I just upgraded from the chroma 2 to the HX version of the GMA RIO . The results were amazing!! much better cohesion across the frequency spectrum . The detail was also improved. I have owned many highly rated speakers and none of them come close to the overall musicality of the RIO HX.                                                                                                                   

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Steven Cochran



Yes I have owned chromas and I hated them. They are colored, have no bass or midbass and are harsh and unrefined. 

I have also taken them apart so I know exactly why they sound like this. 

They use a very cheap aurasound car woofer instead of a state of the art midwoofer from the likes of Scanspeak. 

They use a very cheap Seas tweeter. 

Now what's even worse is they use a single cap and coil as the crossover. Inexpensive ones at that, costing about $20 each.

The capacitor cannot prevent low frequencies from entering into the tweeter. Take a 10Uf cap and stick it on a woofer and see how far the woofer cone moves. This is the energy going into that SEAS  tweeter. Put your finger on the tweeter of the Rio and you can even feel the energy! Do it on any other high quality speaker and you wont feel a thing because they use a sharper order crossover slops which are much more phase cohesive. All that distortion makes the sound very harsh and cold.

Now, similarly the woofer has too much highs going into it and also what you get is lobing. With the Rios you have to be sat on the exact spot. If you stand up or sit lower the sound balance changes.

The cabinet of the rio is much smaller than it looks because the walls are too thick. The woofer sits in a thick baffle with no chamfering and the woofer actually needs a bigger volume which is why there's no bass.

Overall it's very overpriced considering the parts they use. If you like their sound, great. If you want high quality neutral uncolored sound look elsewhere.