Green Mountain Audio Calypso

I see Green Mountain Audio now has a pic of it's Calypso up:

I can't wait to get a chance to hear this!!! Wonder how close it is, sound-wise, to the Continuum 3s?
Ketchup - I would be my bottom dollar that it is one of the best speakers any of us would likely have the priviledge or hearing.


I kinda like it, especially seeing it's based on form "dictated by function". I can't speak for GMA, per se, but to me, I think the individual pods reallly will help each driver "dissapear" more.
Though I have no doubt is sounds fantastic, it would never be allowed in my home for aesthetic reasons.
Regarding aesthetics, I think Green Mountain offers covers for the tops of their speakers, like a minimalist frame covered in acoustically transparent cloth. (I'm pretty sure it was them). Can anyone confirm / deny?
I heard a Green Mountain monitor I have the paper work here somewhere, it sells for $2300 and it is amazing, you cant hear the cabinets!
Chadnliz, that would be the Callisto. Reportedly an amazing speaker. Might be my next upgrade from my Europas!
I own Green Mountain Callisto speakers that are amazing. Green Mountain speakers will change your life. If the Callypso was in my budget today, I would order them without hearing them. Roy Johnson, the designer, is a genious in speaker design IMO. The cabinets are dead quiet, the speakers disappear in your room and the band plays just for you. First order crossovers, excellant service and a company who cares about the music, not just selling their product. I contacted Janet, the CEO of GMA and she tells me the new website is coming soon with vast amounts of information on Roy's designs, history, speaker building, new dealer list, ect. I've looked for 25 years for speakers that sound like Green Mountain's. When I found the Callisto's, I bought them on the spot at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. I can't wait to hear the Callypso speakers.

If you haven't heard Green Mountain speakers, do yourself a favor and seek them out. They have brought music back into my life in a huge way. Highly recommended!

The "cover" was on the Continuum 2, but if looks are the only thing affecting a sale for some, I'm sure Roy could come up with an optional piece.

As a fellow GMA Callisto owner, I wholeheartedly second Elsneb's comments on both the speakers AND the company! I've found the speakers I've always looked for; any upgrading will be within the Green Mountain Audio line.
Their website is far too confusing for me to take them seriously. Correct me if I'm wrong , but don't they make you pay some huge "restocking" fee if you decide to return their speakers?
The website is being redone, it does seem to be taking a long time, however.
I have not heard of a large restocking fee, But I think Roy only sells the Europas direct, all the others are sold through a dealer network.
He is a very interesting guy to talk to, although so busy lately he has been hard to get ahold of. He does post in here occasionally. Maybe he will chime in!
I contacted Janet and Roy by email recently about the GMA website. The new website will be the complete opposite of the current website with vast amounts of information. It takes time to design a quality website with the information I believe the public wants. I know I prefer all the technical information I can get from a manufacturer. Insight of Roy's designs, technics, and what is behind his designs is promised to be in the new website. At the rate GMA has grown, I understand it takes time. From the consumers' point of view, it can't happen fast enough. The new dealer list will also be available.
On the subject of restocking fee's, you would have to ask the dealer network or GMA. My question is, once you have heard these speakers, who in their right mind would send them back???? It would be like telling the band half way through the concert to go home.
From what I heard, you wont be sending the speakers back...what I auditioned was very...VERY good!
Lee Landes at Landes audio in Chester NJ is a great dealer for them aswell.
Sounds like this "Lee Landes" had them broken-in properly, which is very important when auditioning GMAs, or any speaker for that matter.

With the Continuum 3 out of my reach financially, I wouldn't mind hearing what the Callisto sounds like with one of GMA's Hammer subs...
I'd be very interested to hear from someone who has listened to both GMA speakers and the Druids/Definitions by Zu Cable. Both companies employ time aligned and phase coherent designs. The Druid recently won the 6 Moons Lunar Eclipse award - only the second ever awarded.

You can read some of the owner reviews of Zu Cable speakers on

Disclaimer... I haven't heard either speaker and have no financial interest in either company. Just an interested audio consumer.
Not sure of what the "Launar" Eclipse award is, but the Lunar Eclipse Award was conceived by some audiophile dudes currently residing on one of the 6 moons of Pluto. If they think your gear is innovative, and blows the doors off of the competition, then just maybe these Guero's will bestow that equipment with a Lunar Eclipse Award.