Green Mountain Audio

I picked up a set of Diamante's for cheap. They have trashed foam surrounds but otherwise seem fine. I plan on veneering the "marble" with a beautiful teak or rosewood- I haven't decided.The angles will look pretty cool with the right veneer. The marble is not so cool but rigid and heavy. 

Curious if some upgraded drivers would improve the sound- as apposed to re-foaming. I realize this is a shot in the dark but my understanding is Roy from GMA has passed so not sure where to get driver advice. Open to any and all suggestions.


Dekay, I saw that link as well. I have the drivers pulled and awaiting some feedback from Madisound. ScanSpeak was quick to respond but not much help. My wife is gagging over the look of these things :-0

I appreciate everyone's input thus far. Truly helpful and welcome.

I looked @ various pics of the speakers online and all I can say is that you married well.


Here is a reply from my friend who owns a couple pair of Green Mountain speakers and knew Roy well. He is very technical, basically an engineer:


I've found over the years that people don't want advice in audio forums.

I'm staying clear of them all.

People used to argue with Roy, who was a Physicist, about speaker design.

None of them ever won the argument, but some kept trying.

Tell them anything and you're an audio snob.


Between you and me, I doubt any "updated" drivers would work, as Roy used 1st order crossovers in all his designs, meaning the woofer had to play higher and the tweeter lower.

Those drivers are not easy to find.

Your friend is spot on in many of the discussions I have seen. This one has been refreshingly civil- maybe I should bring up fuses or wire 😉. I have been able to order replacement surrounds and even the tweeter silk dome. Should take a few weeks to all come in and I will update. I asked a local cultured marble place for some scraps to experiment on veneering techniques as well.  And DeKay…. I hit the jackpot on the marriage front. 

Roy would dumb things down so that i could understand what the hell he was talking about. in the end it was all academic, its how they sounded that counted.  wished he had quit smoking.