Green Mountain Audio

I picked up a set of Diamante's for cheap. They have trashed foam surrounds but otherwise seem fine. I plan on veneering the "marble" with a beautiful teak or rosewood- I haven't decided.The angles will look pretty cool with the right veneer. The marble is not so cool but rigid and heavy. 

Curious if some upgraded drivers would improve the sound- as apposed to re-foaming. I realize this is a shot in the dark but my understanding is Roy from GMA has passed so not sure where to get driver advice. Open to any and all suggestions.


Congrats on the speakers. Over the years I owned Imagos, Callistos and Continuum C3. All were excellent performers. Roy was a true genius in my book and a real gentleman.

Most bigger cities that I know of have PROFESSIONALs that are skilled at rebuilding drivers—everything from new surrounds to new cones and even coils. This might not be the exact same quality speaker that was in it originally when you are done but you actually take the chance on improving them with new modern materials and compounds being used. Do your research first and even get references. You might want to go the extra 100 miles to get a better tech to do the right job.

My buddy Dale was friends with Roy, who did pass on. Dale knows a TON about Green Mountain Audio products and I sent him the link to this thread. Before you do anything wait to see if he has any advice. 


A local dealer has drivers re-foamed all the time.  He has a tech that can do it, but, it takes the tech hours to do a pair, while the place they use charges $50 to do the job.  The commercial operations can even do extremely delicate work, like replacing the surround on Lowther drivers, some can re-cone and replace spiders.

My speakers use all scanspeak drivers.  It is really quite a blessing to be able to buy them off the shelf from Madisound when needed.

I’ll mention that while the main speaker ID numbers remain the same, scanspeak will sometimes add a suffix that will indicate the latest iteration of the driver.

The mid woofers I have purchased over many years have a different suffix that has changed a couple of times over the years and indicate there are slight changes in the manufacture of the woofer.  As an example, the latest I purchased have a slightly larger surround than the previous. I believe all the speaker sound characteristics remain constant, I don’t notice a difference in their sound profile.