Green and Clapton

Did Peter Green ever record with Eric Clapton?
There may be other instances but I immediately remembered the Bluesbreakers Band and found the following at Wikipedia .

John Mayall Bluesbreakers

After three months with Bardens' group, Green had the opportunity to fill in for Eric Clapton in John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers for three concerts. Soon after, when Clapton departed from the Bluesbreakers, he became a full-time member of Mayall's band.[3]

Mike Vernon, a producer at Decca, recalls Green's début with the Bluesbreakers:

As the band walked in the studio I noticed an amplifier which I never saw before, so I said to John Mayall, "Where's Eric Clapton?" Mayall answered, "He's not with us anymore, he left us a few weeks ago." I was in a shock of state [sic] but Mayall said, "Don't worry, we got someone better." I said, "Wait a minute, hang on a second, this is ridiculous. You've got someone better?? Than Eric Clapton??" John said, "He might not be better now, but you wait, in a couple of years he's going to be the best." Then he introduced me to Peter Green.[13]

Green made his recording debut in 1966 with the Bluesbreakers on the album A Hard Road (1967),[14] which featured two of his own compositions, "The Same Way" and "The Supernatural". The latter was one of Green's first instrumentals, which would soon become a trademark. So proficient was he that his musician friends bestowed upon him the nickname "The Green God".[15]

In 1967, Green decided to form his own blues band and left the Bluesbreakers.[3]

Off topic a bit, anyone who has not heard early Fleetwood Mac should search them out. My favorite album is "The Original Fleetwood Mac."

Although it was not released until 1969 or 1970 it was exclusively old, unreleased material from early days of the group.

The recording is amazing for the time, at least for my taste.
Possibly an urban legend:

I heard decades ago that Peter Green reportedly sat in (uncredited) when Mayall's Bluesbreakers recorded "Rambling On My Mind" which features Clapton on guitar and vocals.


The Green-Clapton dynamic is really fascinating. Both were from the same area, both did their time with the Bluesbreakers, both had enormous influence on modern lead tone, both had debilitating drug problems, and both returned to the blues after rock and or pop dalliances (Clapton's obviously much longer and much more commercially successful).

I think Clapton might have had a slightly better melodic sense, but Green had more arrows in the quiver. Both great players who are always linked in my mind.

I love these music topics, it's what makes all the work on the system worthwhile.
Green is still recording with The Splinter Band.
Thanks to everyone for ther responses,but I guess there isn't a recording with both Green and Clapton on it..its not too late. I wish they would do an album together.
Anyone wishing to hear the original Fleetwood Mac has to get the double album "Fleetwood Mac Vintage Years" on Sire records. It was put out in 1975, and covers many of the old tunes like the original Black Magic Woman (yes, people do think this was an original Santana compostion), Dust My Broom, Albatross, Doctor Brown, and Shake Your Moneymaker.
Don't forget "Then Play On"; it's my all time favorite. Saw the old Fleetwood Mac along with Quicksilver Messenger Service, next night, Janice, BB & THC, Avalon Ballroom, summer of '69.

I can't believe how many years ago that was. Kids in their forties now. How time passes.

Got copies of Seven Stars and End of the Game. Some good work for sure. Different but great listens. Washed them in the ultrasonic last week.
Another Peter Green /Fleetwood Mac is "In Chicago" great blues with some Chicago bluesman.
The original FM band can't be beat. B.B. King has said that of the young white blues players "Peter Green is the only one who has made me sweat."
I think Z Z Top and Los Lobos borrow heavily from these guys from time to time. I will never stop listening to the old Fleetwood Mac tracks.
Maybe I'm wrong now, but the Splinter group album I have from quite a few years back shows me that Green can't play very well anymore.

I get where you're coming from, and you might be right, but I'm not sure that your conclusion is fair.

The last Splinter Group album (that I'm aware of, anyway) is Reaching The Cold 100. If memory serves, I'd have to agree that the music isn't earth-shaking, but IMHO there's plenty of fine playing on the record. The problem for me is that it's hard to tell when Green is the guy with the pick, because three guitarists are credited and, while all 3 may be soloing at one time or another, all of the solos sound pretty "Green-esque" to me. The takes on old FM material are a bit different (and could be fairly labelled "less compelling than the originals"), but IMHO they're plenty skilled.

I wouldn't say that the guitar playing on that recording is particularly inspired or innovative, but I also wouldn't conclude that Green can't play very well anymore on the basis of that recording. It's certainly possible that you're right (if the more skilled bits were contributed by someone else), but I'd have a hard time making that statement with confidence.

Maybe more to your point, I don't think he's recorded anything in over a decade, which doesn't bode well for him. I hope he proves me wrong and gives us some more smokin' guitar down the road, but I'm sure not gonna hold my breath waiting for it..

Just MHO.
Good thread guys.Ill have to write these albums down and try and find.52 years old and I still cant get enough of these good sounds.cheers
Hi,I listened to,peter green,hot foot powder, today.I didn't realize I had it.Gees I had to sit up a few times,I thought I was listening to eric Clapton.They have a similar style on this album,I thought.