Greatful Dawg; Jerry Garcia & Dave Grisman

An a-gon search indicates Garcia/Grisman has been mentioned before, but I caught the video "Grateful Dawg" last night on music. I'm more of a straight-ahead jazz type, although I've been focusing on various acoustic music selections lately.

If you haven't seen the video, it's worth pursuing. If you haven't checked the Garcia/Grisman yourself a favor & do so. I only hope the CDs are as good sonically as the music itself.

Here's a list of joint ventures:


I just ordered "So What", "Grisman & Garcia", and "The Pizza Tapes".
What?!?! You didn't also order Old and In the Way with Vassar Clements adding his mastery? ;-) I highly recommend this one as well.

Also, try to find a copy of Grisman's Hot Dawg. No Garcia on that one, but Stephane Grapelli adds a touch of his jazz influence on violin. If this album doesn't get your toes tapping, you have to be dead.
I'll second Dan_ed's suggestions, and add three instrumental albums from The Tony Rice Unit - "Backwaters", "Still Inside", and "Unit of Measure" . . . Rice was the original guitarist for the David Grisman Quintet, and he has a similar approach in both style and form.
In agreement with the above postings.Also bought the "pizza',but prefer the earlier collaborations-Enjoy!
Old and In the Way is a classic. Jerry on Banjo, Peter Rowan playing guitar, David Grisman- mandolin, John Kann- bass and Vassar Clements on the fiddle. Vassar steals the show on this one.

All good suggestions above. I'll throw in another Stephan Greppali favorite of mine... "Stephane Grappelli and David Grisman Live,"

Doc and Dawg (as in Doc Watson and Dasvid gisman) is also a treat... I could go on and on. Acoustic Disc online is chock full of goodies.I have never been disappointed with any music bought here. I hope they put their catalog out on hi rez downlaods.
I agree with "So What." It's awesome. Also, in addition to these other suggestions, check out "Shady Grove".....beautiful tunes recorded incredibly well.
Another CD or LP worth searching out is Gator Strut by Mike Marshall. He played with Grisman in the past and has a similar style but as AMG describes the music on this CD ... progressive bluegrass! An interesting CD with Fleck, Rice, Douglas, Wasserman and Grisman all contributing. I own the LP but I imagine the CD is easier to find and I think has been reissued by MFSL.
All good and in my collection.
But, ya'll MUST have John Reischmann's, North of The Border. Jazz, Latin, Bluegrass with tons of soul and fire.
I am happy to mail a couple of tracks, just to turn you on to this great Mandolin player.
A must have!!!
perhaps you might also enjoy garcia/grisman 'shady grove' & 'been all around this world' along the same lines checkout tony rice & grisman 'tone poems' then the 'tone poets' album & peter rowan tony rice quartet
The Pizza Tapes are fantastic. If you haven't heard the story behind the name:

Stephane Grappelli and David Grisman Live is also great.
boy, I miss Jerry.